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Default Re: Back to Basics: Fossil Fusion Moved

I watched as the Park Ball consumed Yanma, once again for another capture attempt. It bounced to the floor and wiggled on the floor… Once and then I heard a ding sound.

“Yes, Yanma is now ours!” I shouted, and gave thumbs up to Cryogonal. “Good job, Cryogonal we now have two new Pokemon!” I watched as Gaius retrieved the full Park Ball and placed it into his backpack.

“Congrats,” Gaius said to me with a relaxed tone. He tossed back the empty Park Ball to me and I placed it into my pocket. I returned Cryogonal back for a little rest, and was ready to press on.

“Come on Gaius, I have lots of more Pokemon to encounter!” I said.” Let’s go!”
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