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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Appeal thread.

[Freaky Blimp] Drifblim* (F)
Silver Wind ~ Ominous Wind ~ Psychic ~ Haze

My hand trembles as it holds the Pokeball. Performing always makes me nervous. Contests ought to be better, since it's not me going up and making a fool of myself, but they aren't. After all, if my Pokemon screws up here, that's all on me.

So I delay my appeal as long as I can, until finally the contestant pool seems tapped out. Then I step up to make my move, still holding the Pokeball in my hand. At least it's not too windy anymore. The thought of the good weather gives me a marginal amount of confidence as I toss the Pokeball into the clearing's center.

A burst of red light streams from the Pokeball, before clearing to reveal the form of my chosen Pokemon: a golden creature with a bulbous body that tapers down to a cyan plume at its bottom end. The Pokemon has four 'arms', which really look only like blue-tipped scraps added as an afterthought. It gazes at the crowd with bright teal eyes, looking a bit dazed for a moment before brought to attention by a quiet murmur from me. "Silver Wind, Freaky," I remind my Pokemon quietly. Her body expands, and she begins to rise higher and higher, almost to the treetops. The flabby arms rise as if of their own accord and begin to glow with a faint white light. Then, with a quick flick, she sends the light flying downward. A crescent of sparkling silver energy flies from each arm, tilted inward at an angle so that they blend together into one meteor of light.

"Ominous Wind!" I call out as soon as the sphere forms. I have to be careful; this appeal hinges on two main things, and the first is timing. Fortunately, Freaky and I have practiced this often enough. Her body inflates, nearly doubling in size, before contracting rapidly as she opens her mouth and lets out a breath of glowing, deep-violet energy. Freaky begins to descend, slowly chasing the second wind attack even as it chases the first. But the silver energy hits the ground first, pulverizing the swamp muck as it bursts into a shower of silvery dust, each speck glimmering with captured light.

I tense; if we mess up, it will be here. This is where the second main factor, control, comes into play. "Psychic, now!" I shout. Freaky stops, still several feet above the ground. Her eyes light up bright blue, just as the violet wind begins to blow the silver sparkles and purple mist into miniature cyclones of glowing dust. A blue glow, faint but present, casts the marsh floor and surrounding area in an eerie light. Slowly, the glow lifts upward and curls inward, pulling the glittering dust and violet wisps with it.

With an abrupt pull, the energy lifts like a net and closes in the shape of an orb around Freaky. The motion sets the mist and powder to dancing, causing an effect that is every bit what I intended: Freaky looks like the center of a snowglobe, what with the white powder twirling around her. To be sure, it's an eerie snowglobe, what with the blue glow and purple mist.

She stays like that for several seconds, holding onto the effect for as long as possible. Once the 'snowflakes' begin to settle, I call out for Freaky to use her last move. "Haze."

The psychic bubble snaps, and Freaky releases a veritable explosion of thick, choking smoke that swallows up the sparkles. When it fades, swept away by rain and wind, the space it once occupied is empty. Freaky and all traces that she has ever been here have vanished.

Feeling a bit more confident now, I smile and wave at the other competitors. "Thanks for watching!" I say before I can lose my nerve. A presence appears at my shoulder, and Freaky tilts her body slightly so that she and I can bow in unison.

In the ending, I made use of Drifblim's Pokedex-described ability to disappear. Thanks for reading. :>
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