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Lisa Blackeye
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Lisa looked at the burger in front of her. It was tall for a burger and would have been greasy if it had been left on the grill longer. She shuddered as she knew she had to put that into her mouth. The meat may had still been quite red on the inside, but she hated the taste of fast food. The greasy fried potatoes were always too moist and over-salted. She stared them down and passed them to an associate. He thanked her and gobbled down the salted morsels. She would have been surprised were this the first time she had done this. She shrugged and lifted the burger to her mouth. The edges of her teeth carved through bread, lettuce, tomato, and the meat. The meat gave off a pleasant enough flavor, while the bread was fairly neutral. The lettuce was unpleasant as was the tomato. Her teeth carved through it too easily as they were designed for wild game and not this human waste.

One of her associates voiced a joke that wasn't all too pleasant to her ears. She looked at him. Her expression showed that she wasn't humored by his jest. She shook her head and returned to her less than pleasant meal.

After she had returned to her place of residence she looked at the paperwork. She was going to move out her appartment soon. She figured that it was time to move north. There was nothing here she really cared for. A second-rate appartment and a crappy job, she considered it and decided that she was going to head back north. She wasn't sure why, but she felt compelled to move north.

She stepped outside and looked at the sky. She desired to spread wing and join the clouds of the sky. She stepped back inside and slept with sorrow. The next day she would be gone and head north.
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