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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(THIS is what Sabrina did to Markus-which isn't really bad once you run it through your head. Bury bad memories to keep Markus from becoming clinically depressed or suicidal. She still wasn't terrific as a guardian, though.)

Markus Novolos

*It literally took hours for Markus to finally stop screaming. HOURS. And this was before even moving inches further into the dark path. However, on mention of blocking memory out...*

...You understand Sabrina buried the truly bad stuff, my Parents getting murdered, right? Keep me from suicide, right? I was...Obsessed with them, too much time thinking on it...Sabs forced amnesia to prevent me from going crazy-a** mental...Right? Scar, I'm scared, genuinely, I'm scared of how bad it was. I know they died, right in front of me, but...I never remembered how they died...

...Dredd's true soul? You mean Darkrai, right? That's the lord of Nightmares, from what I recall...I thought you said this was Giratina's domain? *Actually starting to move forward*
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