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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Location: Outside the pokemon center.

(Left Behind)

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The Shuppet with Markus soul couldnt move. Either choice seemed to extreme. What had he done to truly deserve this. Either way he went he lost something, on one side he would be giving up all of the traumatic memories and potentially the use of his powers on the other end he would be letting another pyscho mess with his soul. As if begin shoved Markus is pulled through the dark gate. On the other end there was no escaping the overwhelming feeling of nothingness. Souls cried out all around him. Scar appeared now in front of him.
"This place is like a pit of despair Markus...everything you ever feared is in here. Every memory you tried to block out will be in here. Even Dredds true soul is locked away down here..."

On the other end

Max looks over at the spirit, her lighthearted approach really distracted everyone from there own problems. As they walked into the place the Max felt and ere chill pas through him. Moon stopped looking around. Something about the place seemed so familiar she felt that sick feeling again when she looked at the spirit.

Markus walked in after. He could almost taste the power coming form this place. He tried hard not to show his joy, instead he focused on Markus fear when it came to Zapdos. Markus stayed focus on being careful with what he did.

As they walked in they noticed the lights flickered on and off. Maxs thoughts filled with fear but an odd void.

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