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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location: A farm..


Seth noticed what he was looking at. They had finally been on the same page. The events unfolding before his eyes. The loser Lee would go to the house to try and distract the owners for long enough for them to steal the Moo Milk. If things went array Alyssa , Frita and Luna would cause a stampede. If the Stampede was started Lee would either be shot , arrested or left behind. Alyssa knew the code all men left behind. If something goes down she will leave him behind. Seth snicked a little bit. In a darker place in Seth's soul he thought that a Milk Tank stampede would work no matter what. If Alyssa was not going to listen to what he had to say now, she would be forced to deal with it later. Seth walked up the group with a smile on his face.
"While Lee here does his thing, Im going to search for the Moo Milk and anything else worth stealing. Ill try my best to time it so Im in an out in only a few minutes. If I hear the stampede Ill know theres trouble and take off." Seth looks at Lee.
"Good luck man."

Seth takes off down the filed away from the thouse. Moo Milk is normally kept in an outside freezer unit. The building is easy to spot and normally behind the main house.

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