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Default Re: Neku Sakauraba vs. p4 (Ref: 3m0d0ll)




[The Almighty] Sentret
Ability: Keen Eye.
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Quick Attack~Quick Attack.

Neku Sakuraba

[Higeki] Absol
Ability: Super Luck.
Health: 5%
Energy: 77%
Moves: Switch to Lang~Double Kick.

Seeing how weak his Absol was, Neku Sakuraba reached to his belt and grabbed Higeki's Pokeball. Holding it forward, a red beam came from the center, turning Higeki's entire figure the same red upon contact. The red outline was sucked back into the Pokeball, just as another read beam, producing a small, lion cub-like Pokemon, appeared beside it. The small Lang growled at TA, igniting fear.
[Switch to Lang: Intimidate: TA, -1 Att]

TA, not wasting a moment of time, sprinted forward on all fours. A long white streak appeared behind him, just as he jumped into the air. As he spiraled downwards, he let his tail slam into the unsuspecting Shinx, who was just stretching his limbs after exiting his Pokeball.
[Quick Attack: Lang, -7% Health; TA, -4% Energy]

Irritated at the sudden impact, Lang chirped, running towards TA. He bounded left and right, attempting to fake-out the Sentret. Once he'd neared the small raccoon Pokemon, he spun briskly on his two front paws, his hind legs glowing white, as he kicked TA with all his might, sending his flying backwards, knocking a piece of glass loose from the pane he slammed into. The glass sliced Lang's front arm, causing him to yelp in pain.
[Double Kick: Lang, -8% (4+4) Energy ; TA, -18% (9+9) Health]
[Debris: 14/1-30, flying debris; 2/1-3, glass; Lang, -5% Health]

As Lang licked at his wound, TA smirked, running towards his opponent once more. Just as Lang looked up, he felt TA slam his entire body into the Electric-type. Jenn is a tired Jenn and doesn't feel like writing well right now. :c
[Quick Attack: Lang, -7% Health; TA, -4% Energy]


[The Almighty] Sentret
Ability: Keen Eye.
Health: 82%
Energy: 92%
Status: -1 Att.

Neku Sakuraba

[Lang] Shinx
Ability: Intimidate.
Health: 81%
Energy: 63%


RNG says that the arena remains the same (yes, I am still rolling 3s, fml).

Neku Sakuraba:
[Higeki] Absol
5% | 77%

Neku Sakuraba, your Pokemon, please. Then Neku will declare his moves.

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