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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(You're going to have to drag him into one of the choices. He won't do anything on his own in that condition. Dangling salvation in front of him and yanking it away, replacing it with two/three hells? That basically would break anyone. Markus isn't invulnerable, emotionally. He never was invulnerable. That being said, this is what I wanted.)


*Staring at Scar with distaste-the memories come flooding back, and only by sheer restraint was he able to contain the associated flood of emotions without rampancy-it takes several minutes. However, Markus would rather eradicate himself than give Giratina freedom and let her eradicate millions more. Once he's calmed down, though...*

...*Motionless. No longer moving. He cannot tolerate being forced into Giratina's food. Either that or a cleansing light that leaves him totally worthless against that dark foe. What was more sadistic? He looked down. His mind refused to make itself up. He would not-and could not-benefit his foes, yet both choices benefited the foes. After a few minutes, Markus basically wasn't there anymore; he was completely, absolutely focused on internally debating his fate. Sorrow, anguish, grief, and the immense self-hatred he could never clense, burned inside him like an inferno. So weak. So weak. So worthless. So absolutely worthless. He broke, quite frankly.*

*He couldn't cry-Shuppet can't physically cry-but he screamed. Loudly. Too sad, too weak, too emotional, to do much of anything. His pain was vastly too evident. The journey with a person he could never confirm wasn't the madman he feared the whole time, the hatred of being with people that didn't even bother to try to see his point of view, to think of the impact they could possibly have on the world, that nobody but Gold cared for him, and that he was basically now worthless, the worst part, he no longer had a reason to live at all, as all paths he could take was a sin too great to bear. He was simply not fit to exist in his own eyes. He couldn't do anything but attempt to cry, which he couldn't do either. Too sad to move, absolutely broken, unable to feel anything but the raging inferno of his own hate-his own hatred, directed at the only person he had left to hate: himself.*


Vincent 'Gold' Wynauss

*Hearing Markus'es comment* Yhea...*Hearing Max's retort.*

<Do these two want to start an argument, or something? Ugh.>
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