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Default Re: Battling, Collecting, or Trading?

I don't really do the metagame thing; I don't have the patience to put together a perfect team to sweep an opponent on Wi Fi. It just doesn't interest me. However, I do a lot of trading and collecting, along with a lot of rescues. I'm on the GTS every night, searching down shinies and trading for them or grabbing a Legendary that no one wants.

Now, you've probably read that and wondered, "Okay, trading. I get that. But rescues?!" Well, I happen to take in lonely and abandoned Automatons that no one else will take. I have an astounding number of Golett hatchlings that I've taken in, a number of Golurk refugees and 260+ shiny Automatons that no one else wanted. Some of the ones I've taken in have utterly floored me; I've gotten more than one near perfect Golett from my trades and a shiny Golurk who will be a great Masuda candidate when the time comes. (Big guy has a 31 in Attack. I could tell by looking at his stats. No joke.)

As for box room, I have like next to none but who cares? I have Automatons to love! XD

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