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Default Re: What You do NOT want in X and Y

I don't want any evo/pre-evos of Kanto Pokemon. They need to leave them alone. Magmortar and Electivire were horrible. NO MORE! D: I actually liked having all new Pokemon and would be happy to see that again. But I have a feeling we will be seeing some pre/evos for 3rd gen Pokemon.

I don't want musicals or contests or whatever Pokestar studios was supposed to be. Bring back some mini games like Pokeathlon, that was awesome! And make it Wi-Fi friendly.

I don't want changes to battle mechanics, including new types. It's complicated enough already.

I don't want a slow grass starter final evolution. Let's see something quick with good attack and a nice movepool!

I don't want to see Pokemon based on man made things.

I don't want non-dinosaur fossils. :(
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