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Default Re: What You do NOT want in X and Y

Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
Personally I want to see the removal of EV training. I personally think that it takes the fun out of the game with people obsessing over this stat or that stat.
I agree, but it won't happen. :c

idk why people competitive battle, but they do, and it's a big business out there.

Nowadays you can have a flawless EVd Pokemon in five minutes with PokeSav programs. Kinda sad people gloat about hacks like that. xD

It really does take the fun out though. Playing to win isn't as muc fun as playing for fun! All the competitive battlers are mainly at Smogon and Serebii. I wish our Battling Center was more active, but in a way, glad it isn't. I don't want PE2K to start pulling in people like /that/. *glares at 99% of Smogonites and disapproves*
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