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Default Re: That Pokemon you want...

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Jynx looks like she might get one this Gen. HOPEFULLY she will. xD
I will never understand why they didn't do it with Electabuzz and Magmar in Gen IV. What happened to them being a trio?!? In all likelihood if they did do it, it would suck (looking at you, Magmortar) but hey, I still want one.

Ghost/Steel would be beyond bril. Personally, I'm hoping they just re-type Cofagrigus, I mean, look at it. It's all gold! Aaaand it eats gold! It's a sarcophagus, what more do we need. My theory is that originally it was planned to be part steel, but then they realised that every other new ghost type that gen was also dual-typed, so Coffy drew the short straw and got downgraded. Gen V was great for ghosts, lets hope gen VI is better.

I don't really know what else I want... More (usable) water types than last gen would be nice as they're my favourites. Most of all, I'm just hoping that we don't see the same things over and over, and that there are new evolutions from previous gens.

- ND
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