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Hope and Lifewing

Shame filled Hope’s lungs as he was rebuked for accidentally suffocating the albino Grovyle. He hadn’t meant to knock the poor creature out. A closer inspection showed that the Grovyle was young, probably afraid. The old Sceptile quietly spoke an apology when she woke up, both to his pre-evolution and to Nightfang.

“Forgive me,” Hope began, “But when you’ve lived as long as I have, on the outskirts of paradise, you find yourself getting suspicious.”

The only reason why Hope had joined with this fast-growing group was because he and Lifewing were in need of food. If he had food, the Sceptile would have gladly stayed away from them. He had even considered killing Lifewing as food, until pity at the Pidgeotto’s injured back, the way the bird hobbled uselessly, caused him to reconsider.

The group had decided to move on. Hope sighed, leaning down to the Grovyle’s level.

“What’s your name? I’m sorry for what I did to you. I should have been wiser. I’m not exactly a completely wise old Pokemon.” At this, he glanced quickly at Brokenstar, who was observing everything and everyone, seemingly oblivious to the awful gash on her shoulder.

Lifewing stared at the old Sceptile. So he did have a weakness. He could get suspicious at everything. Tucking it away to his memory, just in case, he turned to follow the others.

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