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Default Re: Pokemon Similar Games/Knock-Offs?

HP, Defense, etc are seen in a lot of games. Yu-Gi-Oh is more similar to Pokemon because they use monsters that fight in duels (battles) and really, is like Pokemon in many ways. That doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't have differences from Pokemon, because it has a lot. It also has a lot of similarities. The fact that Pokemon was in production and generally released before these knock-offs set the stone for games such as. I could almost guarantee the developers of Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh had at least a small thought of Pokemon when developing/creating/etc these games. The TCG came out in 1996, Konami released Yu-Gi-Oh two years later. It's almost certain that they may've sparked off a few ideas from Pokemon, including other games as well. Is that a bad thing? No, not at all. Pokemon is successful, as for Yu-Gi-Oh, I have no idea. I don't see it around as much. Pokemon is probably one of the most successful monster battle RPG games there is, of course there will be knock-offs, smilar games, copiers, bootlegs, etc. Has Pokemon sparked ideas from other games? Almost certain. It's over ten years old, inspiration had to come from somewhere. Just because I personally dislike Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon doesn't mean they should cease production. People everywhere hate Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Pokemon, Mario, Link and Zelda, etc. Ever game has haters, and that alone shouldn't restrict anyone else who enjoys the game to enjoy it. I hate a lot of things, especially games. I don't like Link and Zelda, I don't like Mario, I even hate first person shooters. Just because a game has thousands, millions, hundreds, of haters, doesn't mean it should be ceased. It's hard to say Yu-Gi-Oh doesn't share similarities with Pokemon and Digimon. Just because it has similarities doesn't mean it's any different than any other game who share similarities. CoD, Gears of War, (I can't name any more because I don't know anymore) are all almost the exact same thing, boring, stupid, and pointless. There's still a market out there for them, so people will continue to make the near exact same games forever and ever and ever, the market will never die for certain games. The market can't really die for any games, it just depends on how strong the market is to determine if the game will cease production.

tl;dr, Yu-Gi-Oh probably copied some of Pokemon, as did Digimon. Pokemon probably copied some aspects of Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon, as well as other games. Doesn't matter, people still play and buy them. Just because I or anyone else hates Yu-Gi-Oh doesn't mean it should totally poof out of existence, people still buy them and play them. I don't care for Yu-Gi-Oh one smidge, it copies Pokemon almost directly imo, but doesn't mean no one else should.
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