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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Sy watched as Torin sighed and turn to him.

“Look kid, you don’t ever have to be afraid of asking me for help. I’m frustrated and irritated right now, but I’ll never get angry with ya for asking.”

Sy slowly nodded, playing with his scarf nervously.


“Chi-ip, I thought we were leaving.”

Sy turned around to see Poppy bouncing up and down impatiently. The Riolu knew that everyone would get even more annoyed if they didn't leave soon. The Riolu figured that Chip thought the same as he was now talking to Nightfang.

“We should probably move. We might be able to reach the edge of the fog before dark, but we’ve really got to get going.” He turned around and called to the others. “Poppy and I are gonna lead the way. We’ll find the best path without getting off course.”

Sy watched Torin speak to Aggranium about keeping an eye on everyone before he followed the twins. Sy got ready to follow. He was just as eager to get out of this swamp as everyone else. It was cold, wet and muddy. Sy hated being cold, wet and muddy, especially if it was for long periods of time.
The young Riolu looked behind him to make sure everyone else was coming too. He didn't want anyone to get left behind.

OOC: Not as long as I'd have liked, but I tried.
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