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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

(OOC: There was a lot going on to reply to everything. And...I kinda wanted to get moving. ^^')


Chip, Poppy and Torin
Furret twins and shiny Pikachu

Bladestrike still appeared very disoriented with everything around him. When Torin told him that things would be better out of the swamp, the Scyther seemed hopeful. He thought for a moment before asking, “Will there be food where we’re going? Real food?”

Before the Pikachu could answer, everything was interrupted by large object crashing into the middle of the group. Bladestrike in his panic retreated behind the much smaller Pikachu. Chip and Torin were, to say the least, surprised by the sudden drop-in appearance of a Salamence. But his quick apology for the ungainly intrusion let them know that he was not there to cause trouble. If anything he seemed a bit confused by the events unfolding in the group. The Furret and Pikachu were growing somewhat confused themselves. When Hope brought an albino Grovyle out of hiding, her condition was definitely distressing to Torin, but Cobalt seemed to handle the situation well enough. Glancing at the Scyther behind him, he was just deciding if he should go over to check on her when the young Riolu approached him. Sy nervously asked the Pikachu if there was anything he could do for her before jumping back.

Torin sighed. “Look kid, you don’t ever have to be afraid of asking me for help. I’m frustrated and irritated right now, but I’ll never get angry with ya for asking.”

Having noticed the healer’s mood, Gladewing had come over as well. “Torin, is there anything I can do to help?”

“Thanks for the offer,” he said, looking over at the Grovyle. She had wakened and was sitting upright, though looking quite afraid. Torin nodded his head toward her as Isla approached the other grass type. “It looks like she’s alright, though. Just scared. Understandable.”

Bladstrike was trying to make sense of everything when Nightfang hollered at him to leave everyone alone. Yuri snapped back at the Mightyena before Torin, who chose only to shake his head in annoyance. The other Pikachu came over trying to perk up enough to calm the confused Scyther. There was a lot going on and it was enough to trouble anyone. Chip was about to go and check on everything when his sister came back out of the fog.

“Chi-ip, I thought we were leaving.” She bounced up and down, trotting in place restlessly.

The bigger Furret stopped and tilted his head at her. It was rare for her to become impatient. “We are. Just have a few more coming with us.”

Poppy glanced around at everyone in the clearing. Weariness and frustration was turning into anger and hostility among the group, and the sensation was making her all the more antsy to leave. She gave him a small smile. “Okay. I’m just ready to get moving, I guess.” The small Furret ducked back down the narrow path she had found. Something in the atmosphere was beginning to bother her.

Chip watched her go before he turned to Nightfang who was standing nearby. “We should probably move. Torin said we might be able to reach the edge of the fog before dark, but we’ve really got to get going.” He turned around and called to the others. “Poppy and I are gonna lead the way. We’ll find the best path without getting off course.” The Furret then started into the undergrowth, almost disappearing in the fog that was held at bay by the ancient tree they had stopped under.

Torin looked around at everyone, realizing that it was going to be a difficult trek to the other end of the swamp for those with injuries. Sighing again, he looked up at Aggranium. “You should probably stay behind Bladestrike to make sure he doesn’t stumble. And everyone needs to keep an eye on other injuries. If you see someone in trouble, tell me or Yuri.” He glanced at the other Pikachu. “We’ what we can.” The shiny Pokemon then turned to follow the twins on the path.
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