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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth

(OOC: I'll let Shen find me.)

Oooooh! A random flat square...Thing...With a black stripe! I pick it up between my claws, feeling the unnatural feel of whatever it was made of. I truly don't know what it is, of course, but it might be helpful, though I doubt it somewhat. Why keep this next to something meant for waste disposal (I could judge that much from the smell that thing gave off), I mean? I keep it in my grip, nevertheless. Optimistic as ever, I continue onward.

When I reach the fork in the road, I look at both directions, still listening and looking out for any trouble. I decide to go in the direction of the office. I still kept an eye and an ear out for signs of trouble. As it happened, my ears detect something-the sound of footsteps. Not human, thankfully, that would have been a nightmare. The footsteps are that of a smaller being, a Pokemon. Normally, they would be my next unfortunate meal, but not today, not when I need them! I looked towards where the sound was coming from, still alert for human footsteps and anything else that would gladly recapture me. I approach the source, cautiously, in case its intentions are not so friendly.
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