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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Location: Outside the pokemon center.

(Left Behind)

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Red Team traveled to the edge of Lavender Town. Once they reached outskirts of the town they used there pokemon to fly them across the Rock Tunnel to the other side. Once they reached the far side they found a sign pointing to fairy that went to the power plant. The boat had not run in many years but gave the team a clue to where the powerplant was. They path way would be to long for them to fly across for most pokemon..they call back their Charizards. Max scratched his head trying to figure it out what to do.
He looked at the others. "I hope you have surfing pokemon"

Markus(DD) steps up. Calling out Tsunami. The mighty pokemon pauses for a moment looking at Markus. Something seems off about its reaction, before it can move in any closer Markus blinks his eyes and the pokemon turns around. It now has a cold dead stare in its eye.
"Thank Arecus for Tsunami! Gold, you should get Ditto to transform into Tsunami so you also have a path." Markuss comments make the group feel a little odd. He hasnt been the same since he left the tower. Moon calls out Wartortle and Max calls out Snorlax. The big pokemon just looks at Max a little confused.
"I need your help getting to the other side..There will be a big treat involved !" Max smiles and Snorlax lets out a roar.
he looks at Moon.
"Maybe it would be better if let Nite help you and Spin." Max then calls out Dragonite.
" Nite, please get the girls to the other side. I dont want anything to happen to them while we cross the water.."

Max turns to Markus and Gold.
"Dont try anything risky..just get there as fast as possible." He then looks at the Spirit
"Come join me."

After hour of traveling the team reaches the island. Stepping onto the grass they can all feel the energy still coming from the old power plant.

As they step out.

Wild Pokemon Appears !


Charmander this is your starter package ~! This will already be with you when we get your body back.

(we have a new trainers package, this should help you out.
???? is awarded 60 Points





There this should help you get started !)


Markus moves forward, pushing his way through the darkest parts of the underworld. As he reaches the tiny openings he pauses focusing his thoughts. To get through this doorway he must not bring any of his hate. Scar stands on the other side. His voice now much louder than before.
"This place is not for hatred..your only chance of getting out of their is true forgiveness....and not just for Dredd for everything.." Scar pauses and then speaks again.
"Dredd may have cast your soul into this world but your hate is what got you stuck in there...If you can not let it go..the only hope you have is seeking help from Giratina..but that will come at a steep cost."

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

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