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Your brilliant plan unfolds before your eyes--your teamwork carrying out the job quite effectively. The Dusknoir scowls at you moments before Rick's Twister settles, but its too late for it to do anything. The air swirls around in the trap, stirring up the dirt as well as the surprised ghosts.

Rick returns to your group, looking rather pleased with himself. Whoever claimed he was weak back when he was a Magikarp would certainly eat their words now. Yet due to his departure, the twister begins to die down. The two of you watch anxiously as the dirt settles to the ground...

But there's no sign of the ghosts.

The cage is as empty as a ghost town (good comparison, right?), though the dirt was now littered with broken branches. There's a very good chance that you scared the ghosts off--for now. They probably won't be in the best mood when they return, however...

Emma begins to stir with the disappearance of the Dusknior. Her fair face twitches for a moment, then she slowly opens her eyes. She glances between the two of you and your Pokemon, looking confused, "Wha... what happened?"
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JC paused watching the Gyarados creating the twister....Its power was amazing. The Dusknoir stood no chance in that cage. Once the wind finally died down he was shocked to see it was gone. Hopefully the assault was enough to make Dusknoir want to flee and leave them alone. JC quickly focused on the girls, rushing over to Ash. Who seemed to be pretty excited to see him. After a quick look over making sure Ash was fine. He made his way to Emma kneeling down for a second. As she woke up she looked at both Luis and himself.

"Wha... what happened?" Emma's weak words showed that she not remembered anything.

JC paused for a moment looking at Luis. He then turned back.
" We dont really know ...We lost track of you two on Route 5..When we found you again ..A Dusknoir and group of Duskskulls had taken you hostage. " JC turned back to Luis.
"Maybe you could explain it better because Im having a hard time trying to make sense out of this."

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