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I glazed over at my Cryogonal and waited for the outcome of the battle, and hoped it could take down naughty Yanma soon. I had hoped to capture the buzzy, bug Pokemon and add it to my collection of Pokemon! I watched and noticed Gaius observing the battle with quite a big perspective. I waited some more for my Cryogonal’s Haze attack and combination of Ice Shard. Cryogonal nodded. It loved its Ice Shard so much. I do not know why, it just did. I had hoped my plan would work, because Yanma still had plenty of strength to take down my icy mirror, Cryogonal. I needed to capture this creature shortly; I needed to whittle down its health some more!

I watched as Cryogonal began to levitate down at Yanma with a thick, purple haze. It rolled up from around my icy Cryogonal. Suddenly, Yanma soared quickly into the sky and reacted quickly. It started to use more aerial attacks, and I was quite concerned at my plan slightly failing. It was not a good sign. Unexpectedly, the temperature starting to get hotter and sun shone brightly. It was like a tiny heat wave. It was a Sunny Day! This countered my Cryogonal’s Haze. “Oh this is not good, you naughty Yanma,” I said with my fist clenched. “I guess you wanted to keep your stat ups.” Haze had burned away quickly, and countered the move. Cryogonal then blasted out the Ice Shard, which shot through one of the Double Team clones.

“Oh no!” I said. My eyes started hearing a buzzing sound, which sliced through the air and buzzed loudly at Cryogonal. I could tell Cryogonal was having hearing problems after the Bug Buzz attack. “Cryogonal, be careful!” The sound faded and Yanma became unscratched from my onslaught of the attacks. I needed to work hard this round before anything else!

“Cryogonal we have to act fast!” I shouted. “This time I want you to use Hidden Power on every Yanma you see! If you hit the real Yanma then we are in big jackpot!” I watched as Cryogonal nodded, I had high hopes to hit all the Pokemon. I wanted to avoid using an Ice-Type move whilst the sun was bright, else my Pokemon’s moves would be less damaging because it is hot.

“Cryogonal, be careful not to make Yanma faint,” I shouted, and smiled. “I’ll have my Parkball ready just in case!” I reached for my Parkball and readied in just in case!
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