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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth

Neku: Whismur
With one camera out of the way, there are more further obstacles ahead of you. To your left is another, slightly open door, and to the right is another bend in the hallway. You can see a clear pair of characters along the mid-wall molding, clearly stating 'B1'. Farther down the hall you see a door with a very odd looking frame to it, leading into another room that's locked behind an automized metal door. On the frame is a keypad. No one has seen you yet but you hear footsteps coming down from the opposite end of the hall.

5TDL: Arbok
As you move along the smell of chemicals grows stronger, seeming to be coming from a room behind a closed door. The door isn't locked, and a light is on inside. Through a glass pane you can see alphabetized containers with letters and symbols that seem like gibberish to you. Due to your poison typing you can smell something slightly familiar amongst a couple of the containers. Down the hall leads to a set of stairs that are brightly lit that lead to the floor above you. On the stairs read 'B2'. There are mechanisms along each corner of the spiraling stairwell that resemble cameras.

Shen: Larvitar
As you jog down the hallway you come to a fork in the path. One leads directly to an office that has the lights off, and the lock is firm, but otherwise old fashioned and nothing special. The other leads into a janitorial closet that is neatly kept, with a cart carrying various cleaning chemicals. On the ceiling is an airvent that leads into a dark hole, of which you cannot see where it leads. At some point, you will meet with a Sneasel. [Latio-Nytro]

Latio-Nytro: Sneasel
Your keen eye and light feet keep you out of trouble and camera view for the most part, however everything seems to look the same. On the floor you notice something flat and in the corner next to a trash can. It looks like a piece of plastic with writing on it, and a long black stripe. The hall divides again into two ways, one towards an office, and the other towards a storage room containing extra supplies such as light bulbs, test tubes, syringes and first aid supplies. At some point, you will meet with a Lartivar. [Shen]
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