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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth

The cage was open?! After all this infernal time wasted lollygagging in it (OK, I couldn't have myself escaped, but still), waiting for who-knows-what? Was this the fate I was destined to have? Ah, luck, you fickle thing, you smile upon me now in my darkest hour!

I henceforth decreed three things that I were to complete: First off, I would escape, and after escaping take precautions to prevent myself from being caught twice. Second off, I would thank whatever being had opened these doors the instant I knew who did it. And last but not least, I would eventually rip the eyes out of whatever decided to imprison me here. All in that exact order. Hopefully.

Sneasels, as a generally reliable rule of thumb, were very sneaky Pokemon. Being a predator had its benefits, even when the predator was turned into the prey. Like right now! My eyes and ears were on the alert, and my fortune of being a Dark-Type who stalked his prey at night was paying off already; despite the lack of the cold chill that usually accompanied my hunts, the unnatural feel of the ground beneath me, and the general alien nature of my surroundings, my instincts were right at home in the darkness, giving me a slight comfort in an otherwise dreadful situation. I also had my sense of smell, but that putrid mixture of chemicals that peppered the air with its foul odor was too much for my nostrils.

That being said, being able to see more didn't always mean good things. The realization of the presence many, many sharp implements in the room were less pleasant, personally, than just not being able to see the room's contents; sometimes, you are better off not knowing what horrendous things lay in wait for you. But that was my opinion. I looked around, sensing that, at least for now, I was clear-though I knew that could change in an instant.

The door in the room, the only door, the only means that would otherwise make this room just a bigger cage, as if by some miracle, was open, just a tiny bit. A crack of light penetrated the murk of the room I was in. I opened it just enough to slip through, and it moved, silently. Such a lovely day, so graced by silence, especially with the opportunity to escape at hand!

Peeking out of the room, I looked around: the place I was in was a hallway, leading left and right. My room was only one of many. There were hallways that lead directly to the left and the right, my only two choices! On a whim, I decided the left route was the better one for now, but I was hesitant to put another, equally-likely route of escape behind my back (though I'd have been doing that no matter what). Eyes and ears on the lookout for whatever could help or hinder my pursuit of freedom, I walked on, as quietly as possible, favoring quiet footsteps to fast ones, looking out for anything and everything. Escape was an absolute must, and this was most likely my only chance-I must not fail! Or else...Err... Actually, I don't know what would happen. But I would rather escape than find out, obviously.
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