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Default Re: Back to Basics: Fossil Fusion Moved

Fossil Fusion
Ranger: Gaius Tyrannius
Trainer: Chris
Area: Enigma Ruins
BP #2

Chris seemed impressed by the Yanma's battle prowess and smarts. It looked as if he would happy to catch this Pokemon at the end of day. However, the battle wasn't quite decided yet. The Yanma had its wings full, but it could still pull an upset and knock out the Crygonol. Gaius has seen it before in the national park.

Gaius was pretty sure that Chris would manage to bring down the Pokemon easily enough though, he was that good a battler.

“Cryogonal, wanna fog out that Yanma over their?” Chris asked his icy mirror. The Pokemon replied with a simple nod of acknowledgement. “Let’s plan a Haze attack and use it to consume around the Yanma. Then, I would like you to attack it with an Ice Shard,” Chris continued, “one of your favourite moves, but be careful. I don’t want you to be too forceful at the Yanma. Else it will faint and disappear!”

Chris had decided to counter the effects of the Omnious Wind boost by using Haze, a move that reverted all stat changes back to their original mark of zero. It was a counter to Pokemon that managed to set up and raise their stats really high. It was a pretty smart move, and the following Ice Shard was probably meant to be the final attack before Chris could attempt to capture the Pokemon, meaning that he wanted to do it very soon.

Cryogonal began to bear down on the Yanma as the thick purple haze started to roll up from around the Ice Pokemon. Yanma saw the Haze starting to form and reacted quite quickly. It climbed higher into the sky and began to start a series of flying maneuvers.

Gaius wondered what the Pokemon was trying to do, but then he started to feel warm. He began to suspect what the Pokemon was doing, and a moment later his suspicions were confirmed when the sun began to shine even more brightly than it had at the start of the battle.

Sunny Day was a counter to the move Haze as it stopped the Haze from forming as it was all burned away before the effects could take place. Just as fast as it had started to form, the Haze was gone from the battlefield. As the Yanma returned to an attitude below the tree tops to continue fighting the Cryogonal, a single shard of Ice shot forth at the Pokemon. When the piece of ice just passed through Yanma's body I knew that the attack had one of the Double Team clones.

A sharp buzzing filled the air as Yanma used its next attack. It wasn't that loud to Gaius's ears, but it wasn't directed at him or Chris, it was directed at the Cryogonal, where it probably sounded like a train was roaring past. Cryogonal was a hard Pokemon to read, so its emotions weren't determinable to the human eye, they might be to Chris as he was the Pokemon's master.

The sound faded a moment later when the Bug Buzz attack ended. Yanma had come through the latest round of attacks unscathed and doing well for itself, but it was still in a dangerous position, one Chris could still exploit easily enough.


Battle Stats

Cryogonal 73.25%{Used Haze | Iceshard}
Yanma 44.31%[+1OW][+2Spd][+1Eva]{Used Sunny Day | Bug Buzz}

Trainer Info

Name: Chris
Location: Enigma Ruins
Trainer Items: Park balls x 3, Superball x 2, Hyper Ball x 1, Max Potions x 2, Pokeplayer(Drilbur), Park Pass
Area Effects: 5 Encounters Remaining | Sun - 5
Pokemon Encountered: ??? Tympole ??? | ??? Corphish ??? | ??? Whismur ??? | ??? Munna ??? | ??? Growlithe ??? | ??? Magikarp ??? | M Farfetch’d Jolly | ??? Shinx ??? | ??? Swinub ??? | ??? Slugma ??? | ??? Totodile ??? | ??? Magnemite ??? | ??? Yanma ??? |
Pokemon Captured: M Farfetch'd Jolly
CC since last encounter: 7,579 | 9,000

Pokemon Stats:
Modest | Genderless | Cryogonal @ Levitate w/ EMs: Substitute, Toxic, Protect, Blizzard, Hidden Power[Electric] | 100%

Adamant | Male | Nidoking @ Sheer Force w/ EMs: Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Substitute, Surf, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Hone Claws, Outrage | 100%

Coordinator Stat's

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