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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth

I was jolted out of my sleep by the sound of my cage door creaking open, blinking my eyes and raising my head wearily. I hadn't been in the cage all that long, at least not long enough to know who had put me there or why. I lost complete track of time while in the dark where I was; I can at least tell it had been days since I was taken, from the fact that the food I'd been left with was all gone. I was left completely alone in my cage by whoever had put me to sleep, there weren't even any other Pokémon in the room, though judging by the fact that there were more cages they had been planning on putting more in the room with me at some point. I looked around, checking to see that whoever opened the cage door wasn't in the room, before I slid out the front and hopped down to the floor.

Ah, concrete...not quite earth, but closer still to that than the metal was. It felt a little good to feel under my footpaws. I relished in the fact even such a small thing could help me feel better before I refocused on the task. My cage door had been opened by someone not in the same room as me, so I wondered if there were more cage doors opened and more Pokémon released. The room was small, the door right in front of me. I was too short to reach the handle as I stood, but a short hop allowed me to grasp the handle and turn it to pull the door open towards me, flooding the dark room with a single light from the ceiling of a hallway. The scent of the place was hardly readable, a multitude of smells overriding each other and creating a confusing mess, but my strength lie not in what I could scent, but in what I could feel, using my footpaws as little tremor detectors to tell if something was nearby, coming closer, or moving away. And so far, I actually didn't feel a thing; I was the only one close to me at all, as far as I could tell simply by feel.

I looked back and forth down the hallway both ways, which looked quite similar. Nothing helped me to make a decision, so I simply tossed it up to chance and took the right path, taking a slight jog down the hallway, keeping enough sense about myself to remain cautious while also moving with a purpose.

I have to get out.
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