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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

When Eclipse becomes Shadow, it is similar to Midna in Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

Eclipse wandered through the swamp, unsure of where to go. He hadn't seen any pokemon in days, but still couldn't help but feel nervous in this place. He only wanted one thing. To find his father. He didn't know why, but only that he wouldn't be at peace until he found him.

Eclipse stopped when he heard voices. Eclipse ran towards the shade of one of the trees, and dived into it, becoming one with the shadow. He moved towards the source of the voices, moving from the crossing shadows of one tree to another. until eventually he found them. A large group of pokemon.

They were scattered all over the clearing, and most of them had a few injuries. He heard some of them mention the valley. Did something happen after he left?

Wanting to learn more, Eclipse looked for a pokemon whose shadow he could hide in. He knew that the area around him went cold as a Shadow, which could give away his position, no thanks to his Glaceon heritage. Eventually he found the perfect shadow to hide in. That of the sour looking Glaceon*. The area around her will already be cold. He could blend in well.

Eclipse moved to the shadow of the tree closest to her, then waited for the wind to blow the tree. When that happened, the shadows would intersect, and he would safely move to it without being burnt by the sun, or being seen as the shadow that shouldn't be there.

After a few minutes, the winds blew, and Eclipse moved to the Glaceons shadow, listening in, hoping to find out what happened to his home, and hoping they wouldn't find him.

*(OOC Sorry char, thats just the impression I got from Snowsong XD)

Cobalt sat by the tree trunk. After a few minutes, the grovyle woke up, still terrified. But something else caught his attention.

As Cobalt closed his eyes, he felt an unfamiliar presence. After a few minutes, he managed to pinpoint it to a location. Behind the Glaceon. He opened his eyes, and looked over at the Glaceon, where this presence was supposed to be, but nobody was there. He closed his eyes again. There was no doubt there was someone there, but were they invisible.

Cobalt watched for the next few minutes, until he saw something that made him grin slightly. Something seemed to move between the shadow of the tree and the Glaceon. Whoever was there seemed to be hiding in her shadow.

Cobalt closed his eyes again, and focused on that presence. He then concentrated on a few words, and attempted to converse with the shadow pokemon telepathically.

"That's a cool party trick" Cobalt said, still linked with the mind of the pokemon.

"Who found me?" Cobalt heard the pokemon think to itself as it started to panic.

"Calm down. I am over by the tree trunk. Just think what you want to say. Who are you? What are you?" Cobalt asked.

"My name is Eclipse. I am an Umbreon. I left the Valley a few weeks ago, and found everyone here injured, and talking about the Valley. I want to find out what happened there. Please don't give me away, I don't think they would appreciate me eavesdropping" thought the shadow.

"It was attacked by some Army. We are the survivors. Don't worry, I will keep you a secret." Cobalt thought. He opened his eyes, and grinned at his new friend, that nobody else knew was there.


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