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Default Re: That Pokemon you want...

For some reason I imagine a Kung-fu Panda Pokemon that is Fire/Grass type... THAT'D BE COOL! 8D

Something I keep waiting for is to see one of the starter Pokemon being based off of the basilisk Pokemon--you know, the one that runs on water? I drew a fakemon of it that I really need to get scanned x3 I'm with Tricky in that I'd like to see a tiger- or hummingbird-based Pokemon x3 It'd be cool to see some real dinosaur Pokemon--stegosaurus and velociraptor or dilophosaurus seem like a good candidates to me :D

BUT outside that, I'd like to see a Dragon/Grass Pokemon--sure, it'll be way weak against Ice, but it gains some new resistance and power over other types :)

I really want to see a Ghost-type evolution of Eevee--all sorts of awesome there.

And I'd like some new type combos with Eletric. Got my Electric/Dragon, so now I need Electric/Grass, Ice/Fighting, and oh! Electric/Poison would be interesting! :D

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