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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

@Quinn: Why would you think that Rock's effective against Dragon? xD

@Corey: Koffing's sprite is pretty..., well, interesting too xD

@Rayqaza: Wow, you move fast :O Too bad the run failed though :/ Could you try fishing for something at one of the towns with lakes/oceans?

@Eti: LOOKS FUN!!! :O Too bad about your loss, though D:

GUYZ, this Crystal cartridge has been giving me so much grief, lol. BUT I JUST REALIZED THAT MY SILVER GAME STILL WORKS!!! It's funny going back and seeing what Pokemon I had back then xD
I had a Tenacruel that apparently I named... "Big Meanei" <-spelled just like that, lol. I DON"T EVEN KNOW MYSELF. Anyway, I'll probably do a Nuzlocke on that until I can get Crystal fixed :)

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