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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

OOC: Blech. Shorter than I wanted. Sorry for the long wait guys. ^^;


Yuri, Isla, and Flash (Pikachu, Leafeon, and Flareon)

Yuri smiled up at Aggranium before noticing the stare Snowsong gave her. The Pikachu happily ignored the moody Glaceon, returning her attention to Aggranium.

"Alright," she said. "I -"

"Bladestrike, leave them alone!" Nightfang cried out in an irritated voice as she stood near the firmer path of ground. "They're trying to do something important!"

Yuri glared at Nightfang. "He just asked a question!"

The Pikachu huffed and walked away from Aggranium and over to Bladestrike. She quickly ate her berry so she could focus more on matters at hand, but it was nice to get some food in her belly. She noticed how Bladestrike had hidden behind Torin when the commotion began and almost laughed. It was like a Mamoswine trying to hide behind a Rattata - it just didn't work. He eventually moved toward Gladewing when the other Scyther approached Torin.

"Calm down, Bladestrike, everything's okay," she said as cheerfully as possible.


It was too much happening at once. It made Isla slightly nervous when the Salamence landed, even after he announced he was he had recently lost his home and was seeking companions. She relaxed a bit when he confirmed Nightfang's suspicion about being from the valley and sighed softly. It was just moments before he said this that an albino Grovyle was found. Isla wasn't sure what had happened, but she had seen the Grovyle faint and then regain consciousness again.

The Pokemon seemed frightened and she slowly stepped forward, taking in how the Grovyle was shaking and watched with frightened eyes.

"You're among friends here," she said softly to the Grovyle. "My name is Isla, what's your name?"

The Leafeon focused on the newcomer though in the corner of her eyes she watched as Flash spoke to Embyr who seemed to nod before the Flareon opened his mouth and used a small ember attack on the Charmeleon's tail flame.
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