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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Appeal thread.

Nacht the Honchkrow
Ability: Super Luck
Signature Move: N/A

Rain Dance ~ Icy Wind ~ Twister ~ Dark Pulse

A new trainer stepped up to the stage after the previous appeals. Her face was set, determined, but nervousness was clear in her eyes. This was her first time ever doing something like this, and the stakes were high. Very high. Despite this, she was ready to take the stage. A rather large bird was perched on her shoulder, its head bent downward as if it was sleeping. The large fedora-like crest on its head cast the rest of its face into shadow, and the only visible feature beneath the dark feathers was its sharp, golden beak.

“Nacht.” The German word roused the Honchkrow from its sleep-like state, and it exchanged a glance with its trainer before surveying its surroundings. A swamp was a natural habitat to him, and the edges of the dark bird’s beak curled up into a smirk “You know what to do.”

The Honchkrow nodded, flapping his large wings before jumping from his trainers shoulders. Nacht circled around the clearing once, taking in the makeshift arena before coming to hover with his back to his trainer. He was a seasoned fighter on his trainers team, but he knew when and how to perform. Puffing out his chest, Nacht awaited his first order.

“Rain Dance.” The command was issued with confidence, and Nacht nodded from his place in the center of the clearing. Looking to the sky that was only barely visible through the thick foliage, Nacht flew up as high as he could. With a flourish of his deep blue feathers, his eyes began to glow with a bright blue hue. After several seconds, the clearing darkened considerably. Heavy clouds began to gather, forming a single menacing mass just above the trees. With a rumble of thunder to signal its arrival, rain poured into the swamp.

Not looking the slightest bit disgruntled by his sudden wet feathers, Nacht began to slowly glide around the now sodden clearing as the rain fell. A smile appeared on his trainers lips as she issued her next order.

“Icy Wind...”

Nacht let out a piercing cry, opening his beak wide as he came to hover in the center of the arena once more. A light blue glow appeared in the back of his throat as his entire body seemed to tense. The sudden gust of cold air that spewed from his mouth froze the rain around him completely solid, forming crystalline shards that sparkled as they fell to the gurgling earth below. Turning his head to the terrain below him, Nacht focused the icy blast on the swamp, solidifying the mud and decomposing plant matter into a glittering stage of iridescent ice. The Honchkrow lowered himself onto the glowing surface, the clouds from his previous move dissipating and leaving the frozen rain sparkling in the surrounding air.

“Nacht, you know what to do.” The bird’s head snapped up at the words, his eyes flashing menacingly. With a heavy pump of his wings, Nacht forced the air around him to begin to rotate. It picked up speed as it progressed, and shards of the icy floor were sucked into the Twister as it grew in size. The crystals that Nacht had made previously were also sucked in, causing the spinning column of air to shimmer and glow. The trees surrounding the swamp bent towards the raging twister, as if bowing to its might, creaking and cracking as if they were giving their own eerie kind of applause.

Nacht needed no instruction for his last move. It came naturally to him, and his trainer was confident the Honchkrow would know what to do in this situation. A dark glow appeared within the raging twister, spreading throughout the column of air and ice. With surge of power, the dark energy burst through the air, causing the ice shards to move with it. The black cloud of energy hung suspended around the clearing before sinking slowly to the ground, shimmering until it finally disappeared. Nacht stood on the small island of ice, his head bowed and wings splayed as everything in the clearing fell silent. A soft chuckle from his trainer grabbed his attention and he looked up, flying from his makeshift platform to his place on her shoulder once again.

Their appeal had been a success, and the trainer walked away with an air of renewed confidence.


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