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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Pokemon White 2 News: Eterna the Ferroseed perished to a critical hit from a Sandslash's Dig in Chargestone Cave. RIP. :C

In other news:

I'm going to be starting another Nuzlocke after White 2. It'll be dubbed a Pokemon Emerald Squarelocke, which is a custom rule-set I've come up with. I'll be doing a comic alongside it.

Le Rules:

1) Fainted Pokemon are dead. They must be released at the end of the run.
2) Only the first Pokemon in an area can be captured. If this capture fails, no Pokemon can be captured.
2a) Pokemon that are duplicates of an already captured Pokemon or are part of the evolution chain of an already captured Pokemon cannot be caught and do not count as the first Pokemon encountered in an area.
2b) Only four types of Pokemon can be used. The types I have selected are - the starter's primary type, Normal, Dark and Psychic.
2c) The use of legendary Pokemon is forbidden. They may be captured and kept as trophies, however.
2d) Shiny Pokemon can be captured and used regardless of any prior captures in an area.
2e) Pokemon that are captured on a square numbered level MUST be added to the party until death. They are henceforth known as 'Square Pokemon'. They shall be marked with a special symbol in their nickname.
2ei) Square Pokemon must not be purposefully sacrificed to remove them from the team.
2eii) If a Square Pokemon faints, another non-Square Pokemon must also be released.
3) Pokemon must be nicknamed. All nicknames must have some relevance to squares.
4) Pokemon can only be evolved on a level of a square number.
5) Pokemon can only use level up moves that are learnt at a square numbered level or the starting level.
6) TMs can either be used straight away or are discarded. TMs moves cannot be removed from a Pokemon's moveset.
7) Speciality Poke Balls must be used after they become purchasable in a Poke Mart.
8) Trading is forbidden.

As for the art-style? All squares.


That is all.

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