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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Appeal thread.

Ability: Sandstream
Signature Move: n/a

Jira stood next to her trainer, towering nearly 2 feet above her. It was times like these that the huge Tyranitar wished she could shrink. It occurred to her that it was silly to be nervous over something so simple. She was one of the most intimidating Pokémon ever, and yet the thought of performing gave her a pit in her stomach. She looked to her trainer. She had joined the girl's team only recently, but Sam apparently trusted her to do this. "You ready?" her trainer asked with a small smile. She nodded hesitantly. "You can do it. Like we practiced." As Jira trudged through the mud to the center of the appeal arena, the heavy Pokémon sunk into the soft ground. It was a good thing she didn't need to move much.

"Let's do this, Jira!" The dinosaur-like Pokémon spread her legs for stability and prepared for her orders. Sand was released from her body, from every crack and hole in her armor. It was as natural to her as breathing. It was caught in an unseen wind that twisted it around her.

“Flamethrower!" The Tyranitar opened her mouth wide, and a red glow could be seen in her throat. She released a beam of swirling flames, red and yellow twisting together. She swung he head from side to side, and where fire hit sand, it could be seen changing from rough yellow rock to tiny shards of glass, clear and glistening, still whipping around her in every direction.

"Now Stone Edge!" The Armor Pokémon closed her eyes to concentrate. Rings of blue energy began to circle around her. Glass collected in the light and formed larger shards; jagged and reflecting whatever light hit them. Jira's eye shot open, new glowing blue, and the shards that were orbiting her shot out in every direction at incredible speed.

"Now finish it! Hyper Beam!" Jira let out a roar worthy of a Tyranitar. A huge ray shot from her mouth, pure energy, glowing bright white in contrast with the dark marsh. She moved the beam in a horizontal line, shattering the glass shards. As the glow faded, the sandstorm subsided. Tiny pieces of glass floated to the muddy ground, glinting different colors, barely more than glitter.

Jira panted to regain her breath as she turned to her trainer. Sam smiled and nodded approvingly. Jira sighed in relief and moved towards her trainer, happy to be done with the appeal.

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