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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Keiru Kozaka, District One/ Christian Wright, District Nine/ Brandon Lockhart, District Ten

"I sometimes wonder what it would be like to not worry about the Games you know?" Keiru sighed. "Makes me curious if I'd be like I am now if we didn't have to live in fear of the Games..."

Keiru stopped walking suddenly, his gaze snapping to his surroundings as he fell silent, his eyes darting about all around him. A rustle of movement and Keiru grabbed Caitlyn, wrapping an arm protectively around her as he pulled her around and behind him before blocking the metal blade that sliced through the air where Caitlyn had previously been, and Keiru calmly deflected the blade, glaring at Christian who was standing across from him in a weak combative stance. It was quite obvious from Keiru's stance that something in him had changed.

"Nine... Ten must be around here somewhere. Looking to join your partners?" Keiru asked, a grin on his face, as he turned to face his right, directing the fatal blow with practised ease, and kicking Brandon in the side, sending him stumbling back to stand alongside Christian. "Two on One? The odds are not in your favour."

Keiru readied himself as Brandon and Christian charged at him swinging their blades together, which he easily blocked, sending both blades off to the sides as he slammed his shoulder into Christian's gut but was unable to follow up as Brandon recovered and slashed at him, cutting his lower right arm slightly, though the wound wasn't too deep, it didn't seem to hinder Keiru much as he leaned backwards to avoid a swipe from Christian, kicking his foot up and catching Christian's chin as he span around in a crouch, bringing his sword up to deflect Brandon's overhead swing, before punching Brandon in the jaw, sending him stumbling backwards.

Keiru gathered himself back in his stance before rushing forward to capitalise on Brandon's stumbling, but Christian blocked his blow, and he felt pain erupt in his head as a fist collided with his jaw, allowing Brandon the opportunity to recuperate and send Keiru on the defensive as he swung blow after blow upon him, whilst Christian also attacked, though the two weren't as cohesive as they needed to be to keep Keiru occupied, and he saw an opening in their assault, sending Brandon's blade into Christian's and allowing him to cut off Christian's hand that was empty. The severed body part fell to the ground, staining the snow red as blood gushed from Christian's wound. Christian snarled in anger, and swung at Keiru.

Keiru ran forward, neatly ducking under the swing by Christian, and blocked Brandon's downwards slash, before uppercutting the older tribute of the duo, before trying to follow it up with slash across Brandon's midsection, but was quickly cut off by Christian swiftly launching an offensive against Keiru, sending him backwards as he blocked rapid blow after blow. Keiru saw his opportunity, and grabbed a hold of Christian's remaining arm as he lunged too far forward, and yanked him towards himself, before ramming his sword into Christian's stomach.

Keiru ripped the sword out of Christian's grasp, and let him crumple to the ground as he began to step backwards, swords in his hands, ready to be used as he stared at Brandon. "You should attend to your companion, Ten."

Brandon glared at Keiru, and stepped forward, grasping Christian's shoulder before dragging him back to where they'd attacked from, disappearing into the trees, heading back towards where they'd left their supplies, leaving Keiru and Caitlyn. Keiru turned towards Caitlyn as he approached her, offering her the sword he'd taken from Christian. He still had the grin on his face, though it was less prominent now, before changing to an apprehensive look, and it was almost as if he'd changed personalities.

"We'll probably want to get moving as quickly as possible, we wouldn't want anymore surprises." Keiru muttered, his eyes locked on where Brandon had dragged Christian. "I got a bit lucky that they weren't that well co-ordinated. That wasn't a lethal blow I struck, so Nine will be out of action for a while."

The sound of a cannon tore the air, and Keiru's gaze shot to the sky as he narrowed his eyes.

"Somebody else died..." Keiru muttered.
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