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OOC: Had all my intros done and then lost everything for Reine and Straton, so they'll show up as an addition soon...this isn't my best work anyway. I just didn't want to put this off anymore. People may feel free to show up wherever they want, but prexisting relationships with other RPers characters are something you should discuss with other RPers first, should the issue arise.

Aileena Crowfeather
Warlock; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the US
ARPers: None right now

"Watch your tailfeathers, my hatchling," Aileena regarded the crow before her and nodded. She was centuries old and her father still called her his hatchling when he got nervous...or as close to nervous as demons got. She thought it had something to do with her mother--he had been helpless to defend the woman who had raised their daughter because he remained absent from their lives, and she had died because of it. What Aileena had seen of her father and remembered of him suggested she looked a lot like the woman who had raised her until her daughter's wings had been discovered. If he felt anything towards the woman, guilt would be a powerful motive, or maybe it was just the fact he had a daughter--something that was part him. She wondered if he was trying to make up for it by trying to keep his immortal, combat trained, warlock daughter safe from every danger he heard about...though she often heard of the dangers first, and was well-prepared to handle them.

"I always do, father. I always do," she replied softly, raking a hand through a river of crimson hair. "Mine and those of every other I possibly can. You know that."

"But I am not worried about the others, Aileena. I am worried about you." She really wished he weren't so stubborn and that he would remove himself from her crow's mind. Whenever her father used Alois for a mouthpiece, the crow could do nothing with his own body, and she knew it wore him down. The warlock had a feeling she would be feeding her feathered companion extra and sharing her own energy with him to replace what her father took while badgering her about watching her back and making sure she could protect herself.

"I know, father, and I will be perfectly fine. There is no need for you to worry so much. On the other hand, I am starting to worry about Alois. You're putting a huge strain on him with all these calls and he's not a demon crow like those of your flock, father. He isn't as durable. As you keep watch over the well-being of your flock, I wish to keep watch of the well-being of the only member of mine." She knew it wasn't the kindest tactic, but at the same time she knew there wasn't much else she could do to get her father to let the subject, and therefore her crow, go. A sigh rattled from the bird's beak.

"You are a good hatchling and flock leader, Aileena. I urge you again to watch your tailfeathers, dear one, but I will leave you now. When I must contact you next, I will send one of my flock to you so that I do not harm your Alois again. Stay safe until we speak next." Aileena smiled slightly and reached out to stroke her crow's feathers.

"I will father, and I appreciate your understanding of my concern for Alois. You stay safe as well," the warlock woman replied, and suddenly it was as if her father's control over the bird under her fingers vanished. Alois stumbled forward a moment before Aileena silpped a hand under him and shifted her crow into the crook of her arm.

"Food, Leena?" the bird asked her after a few moments. Aileena laughed as she lifted her other hand, which had taken on a soft green glow, and pressed it to the bird's side.

"Give me a moment, and I'll feed you, goofball," Aileena muttered, moving towards the counter, hand still glowing. "Let me give you some strength back, first." The crow seemed to be okay with this idea, as he didn't object. As she reached the countertop, the glow around her hand faded and she gently placed her feathered friend on the counter. Alois watched his warlock companion as she opened a jar and pulled out a third-cup scoop of...well, there were a lot of things in it since Aileena mixed his food herself. As she set the scoop in front of him, someone frantically knocked on the door.

"Have visitors, Leena," Alois told her. Aileena just sighed as she reached back to brush her fingers along both her wings, hiding them from the sight of all but a few before she left her crow to eat on the counter to answer the door.

Aileena Crowfeather, Laura Blackwood, and Nora
Warlock, Vampire Hunter, and Werewolf; Pro-Secrecy
Somewhere in the US
ARPers: None right now

"I refuse to lay down and die," the young woman slung over Laura Blackwood's shoulder snarled, though they both knew she was too weak to put up much of a fight. When Laura had found her, she'd been running from the vampires for most of the day and taken a hit or two from the silver knife one of them had been carrying--she hadn't been cut deeply, but the fact the knife was silver had kind of screwed her over. The wounds weren't healing and they burned, the skin around the cuts looked puckered and angry. She hadn't even had the strength to fight Laura off when the human girl had picked her up and tossed her over her shoulder.

"I'm telling you, I'm taking you to a healer--best I know, actually," the vampire hunter replied as she knocked on a door. Nora let out an indignant snort.

"Yeah, I'm not trusting a thing coming from the girl who smells like bloodsucker." Laura rolled her eyes in reply; werewolves and their pointless prejudices. She'd realize there was no deceit soon enough.

"Is that a werewolf slung over your shoulder, Laura? I thought vamps were your thing," Aileena greeted the pair as she opened the door, green eyes lit with surprise. Nora snarled something that sounded suspiciously rude in reply that made Laura from before she spoke up.

"I saved her from vamps; that counts, doesn't it, Aileena? I brought her here because one of the vamps had a silver knife and she got cut a time or two as far as I can tell, but she's not being too cooperative and you know me--do you have time to fix her up?" The redheaded warlock grinned at the strawberry blonde standing before her.

"Mind your own bu--" Aileena didn't bother to acknowledge the fact that Nora was trying to mutter more threats, instead, she spoke like she heard no one else.

"Bring her in and let's see." Before Nora could object, Laura was stepping into the warlock's apartment and moving in just enough so that she could pull Nora off her shoulder and try to stand the girl back up. The werewolf's legs didn't cooperate and folded almost immediately--if Laura hadn't been there, she would have hit the floor. Aileena made a soft 'tsk'-ing sound before moving around to get a look at her prospective patient. When she did, Nora gasped in surprise as she now caught sight of an enormous pair of black wings trailing behind the woman, who was dressed rather casually in a pair of red plaid pajama pants and a black t-shirt that seemed to have the back open to some degree to allow her wings to stick out freely.

"What are you?" The young woman demanded to know, and and Aileena sighed.

"Warlock!" Alois squawked from the counter, causing both Laura and Nora to jump and the bird's master to chuckle.

"Looks like Alois beat me to it--I forget he can do that," Aileena admitted. At the curious look she got from two pairs of eyes, she laughed. "Crows are capable of mimicking human speech, like parrots. They're incredibly intelligent birds, that's what I love about them. There's just no need for him to use it with me; I thought you knew, Laura?" she explained as she looked the werewolf over slowly. Without bothing to say much else, she reached out to grab the blue camisole the girl was wearing and yanked it up. Nora yelped before she bit her lip and Laura had to fight to hold the girl in place. "Dang," she whistled at the sight of a long, thin gash. "You got yourself a lovely little nick, miss werewolf."

"I have a name, miss warlock. It's Nora." The response dripped with sarcasm. Aileena looked up and gave her a wicked smile.

"You have a lovely collar, too, Nora. And might I comment on how sharp your sarcasm is?" The warlock's voice was icy. "Mine is sharper, and I'm not the one with the deadly allergy to silver. I intend to heal you, but if you keep it up, I might be inclined to do you harm. Show respect to the woman who's older than you by a good few centuries and is good enough friends with the girl keeping you from hitting the floor at the moment that I'm willing to heal you." Laura's eyebrows shot up, clearly surprised by the outburst, as Aileena lifted a glowing hand to hold it to the long, thin cut along the werewolf girl's torso.

It was going to be a long night.

Reine Gisela and Straton Sinclair
Yuki-onna and Demon hunter; Pro-secrecy
Somewhere in Europe

He solidly regretted having ever opened his mouth as he watched the shoot progress. How could he have been so stupid as to think his ironic suggestion of theme was funny? Reine moved fluidly as the cameraman suggested, skin set at half it's normal tone, causing the lights in the room to set it shining like ice, making Reine looking just as beautifully inhuman as she really was...and he hated it. He hated the woman and every single one of her kind; those that weren't like him, weren't human. She turned, and he saw her eyes again, set much like her skin at half their nearly silvery glory. This had been a very bad idea.

He glanced across the room to find Davide leaning against the opposite wall, hovering near the set, ready to grab his--their--charge at any moment if trouble should occur. The older man always seemed to be the one to stay closest to her, and Reine always left him in charge of the guards. It would have made sense if all her guards had been normal humans, but they weren't. Technically the Fae guard was the oldest, but he always looked like he was up to something--not that that wasn't typical of most Fae, they tended to do nothing but cause trouble, and with a name like "Ashfinger" he was often subject to raised eyebrows and people watching him to make sure he didn't pull put a lighter and set everything around him on fire. That aside, he was the one with the most combat experience, and he was probably the best armed for any situation, but with his past record... Okay, well maybe she did have a reason to leave the human in charge of them. Next to the man sat a large, white wolf that, as far as he knew, had been with her as long as she had been in the public eye. He had a cover story (much like most of Reine's life did) that he didn't care to memorize, but Straton knew better; in her file it had been listed that the wolf was her brother simply refusing to take human form. He kept an eye on Neige, but it wasn't really the brother he had to look out for--it was his sister, with her lovely smiles, charming words, and seemingly odd quirks to go with her freezing hands and inhuman beauty that he had to watch out for. The hunters didn't need another incident like the one that occurred with her mother, nor did they need anyone finding out that one of the biggest "lead by example" for secrecy and coexistence models for mythological creatures was far from human.

This was a "look both ways" kind of job; and it was the kind of job he really hated. Particularly when he had to watch Reine hang close to Davide. Sure, they weren't in any kind of relationship--the man was as professional as could be with the exception that he was one of the few people he'd noticed Reine would talk to in excess. She acted more human around the older guard than she needed to be--and in some ways she acted less so. It was her actions around Davide that put him most on edge...and he was already on a pretty big edge.

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