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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Appeal thread.

Vio-Nai the Hydreigon [F]
Ability: Levitate

Performing the Appeal: 'Lily in the Night'

Moves used: Earth Power, Surf, Dark Pulse and Flash Cannon

The smell of salt was faint on the sea breeze that drafted its way into the murky swamplands, which lay to be the gate keeper of what was beyond the beach. The only sight of civilization was the cinderblock, seemingly in the centre of an audience of trees, hanging moss and limp deadfall. It would be the platform of a show, a simple one, but one that would shed a new light on the meaning of what was to be feared from this place. If anything was going to instill fear, it was going to be something that was meant to be feared.

A Dusk ball was tossed in the air by a trainer; her eyes closed and her pose without confidence. Out of the blackened light formed a mass of black and violet; a Hydreigon, one simply laying there with arms tucked in, wings folded over like a strait jacket, and head lowered. Her magenta crest that was usually open around her neck, was shut over her face like her evolutionary kin before her. She rested, motionless on the stage, unusually silent for something of her reputation. Vio-Nai waited, silently, until her trainer quietly voiced a command.

“Earth Power.”

Even with the instruction, Vio-Nai was still, as if she were asleep. However, what was around her, was far from quiet. The marsh began to move, and bubble as if it had a life of its own, around the designated stage. The film covered mud and muck made unpleasant gurgling in the form of deep bubbles popping due to the change in the earth below it. Lights from the geothermal power caused the muck to glow hues of amber and copper, becoming more and more violent with each passing moment. It looked as if something was coming for her in her sleep. It was in a rhythmic circle around the dark dragon, and now was the perfect timing for the next phase.

“Surf.” Her trainer commanded quietly.

The tide outside the marsh began to swell, filling water into the swamp and having it spill over the cinderblock stage. The shifting earth that had bubbled previously was starting to swirl the water around the stage, carrying torn up roots and globs of moss and slime along with it. A monster was coming forth out of the mud it seemed, one that had the flesh made out of materials of the biome itself. With the combination of the two attacks, the Earth Power created just enough geyser like pressure to create the illusion something was circling the still motionless Vio-Nai like a hungry Sharpedo. The water continued to rise an inch more with each lap, small waves swiping at the dragon’s sides as if they were some kind of claws. Vio-Nai’s left and right head started to stir a bit while the main one remained limp and closed, feeling something was close upon them. Just as they looked up, a large crest of liquid consumed her with one large crash, as if the monster it was imitating was trying to eat her whole; a monster attacking a sleeping soul who dared to rest within its domain. It was only then did Vio-Nai begin to move, struggling against a gnarled grip of roots and thick moss. The suspense of the tale was beginning to come to its apex, as soon nothing but the swirling madness of the wetlands coming to life was seen over what was a Hydreigon.

The trainer gave her final orders. “Dark Pulse and finally, Flash Cannon.”

The suffocating blanket of slime, soil and water erupted suddenly in a black, horizontal explosion, darkening the area and blocking out what little light had come through the fauna with the ominous energy. Vio-Nai was now floating a few feet above the stage completely clean of the film, and wings flapping in an orderly fashion. Her heads began to rise very slowly, including the center one as each piece of the crest began to peel back from her face like a blooming flower. As it was revealed in a silent, sluggish pace, Vio-Nai’s maw also opened, revealing a bright orb of light being held between her glimmering fangs, as well as in the mouth's on her left and right heads. The inside of her crests caught the reflection of the light and glimmered magenta under the false midnight haze. The glow remained for only a few moments before the dragon snapped her jaw shut, leaving only the gleam of the Hydreigon’s deadly purple eyes to be seen.

The swamp monster was dead, slain by the water lily it sought to swallow. The sunlight returned, and Vio-Nai was returned to her ball after hiding herself the same way she came onto the stage. The story was over, and her trainer could only hope it was well received.

Marsh is all gloomy and Hydreigon are deadly, also their heads remind me of lilie's that only bloom at night, similar to how Deino and Zweillous are blind until they fuly evolve. [There are ones that specifically live in marshy areas, go look it up] It was a bit more moves than I would have liked to use, but I wanted to do something different for a Hydreigon. Also, Jenn said it was possible to slip and fall on the stage, but that was if feet were involved~
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