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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Name: Elise
Species: Grovyle
Location: Swamp
Currently: Coming to... and a little scared

Elise's red eyes began to open slowly. A world of color opened around her. It was all blurred and she could see very little, but the color. Her eyes fluttered open and shut as her view became less blurred. Soon she could see she was somewhat outnumbered. Even though most of them seemed smaller, they were still frightening. She quickly curled into a ball and observed from between the leaves on her arm. They did not seem hostile, so she tried to relax. She had to put effort into it, but she pushed herself upright and sat on her haunches. She opened her mouth but could not find the courage to speak and therefore closed her mouth with a slight blush of embarrassment. She observed with timid eyes. Her body quivered like a leaf. She was unsure and flinched at the slightest movement.

Name: Malachi
Species: Salamence
Location: Swamp
Currently: Being a bit less confused

Malachi stood somewhat confused, "If you're from the Valley, you can join us. We're traveling to-" He took interest in the statement and locked onto the source. A Mighteyenna was speaking. He was preparing to speak, but the Mighteyenna's attention was drawn to the fainted Grovyle. He stood in silence watching as events unfolded. It seemed that the fainted Grovyle was recieving some sort of treatment. He doubted that shock therapy would not work, but they must have done something right because that albino roused and curled up into the fetal position. It stayed like that for a moment. It decided to leave that less dignified position. It sat on its haunches and seemed to look around shyly. It seemed to quiver. Perhaps from fear or some ailment or maybe a combination of the two. He shook his head. He walked feeling pain from his bitten legs. He said to the Mighteyenna, "Yes, I am from the valley."
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