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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty & Serena Ty


Currently: Fishing

"Oh! You caught one!" She happily responded. "I'll catch it for you!"

She unzipped my bag hastily, without my permission, and snatched a Lure Ball. "Bellanna! Take the stage!"

"Bellossom!" A pleasant aroma wafted through the air...

"Use Petal Dance~!" Serena sung.

Bellossom twirled and danced gracefully, summoning petals. The petals bombarded Chinchou, KOing it instantly.

'...Strong' I thought to myself.

Chinchou wasn't done though, we thought it was KOed, but it jumped up with the tiny bit of strength it had left, and shot a bolt right at Bellanna. Though Bellanna was tuned around, she immediately danced out of the way. I could really see how good of a trainer Serena really was...

"Oh? No problem! Use Giga Drain~!" She grinned.

"Bell! Som!" Rays of green energy sapped the remaining life out of Chinchou, and brought it to Bellanna.

"Noooow! Go Lure Baaaall!" She tossed it up joyfully.

The ball tapped Chinchou, and...
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The ball shook...

...Gotcha! Chinchou was caught!
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