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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Some people like terrible sprites because of...well I can't really see why anyone would. xD But some people do. The story line fir Gen I, okay I guess, so I'm lad they did FR/LG to address the terrible graphics and fix glitches.
I hate the sprites, too. xD Some of those things could scare a brown Crayola out of a child. What are you talking about? The isn't really a storyline to R/B/Y. Other than become Champion and stop Team Rocket from doing who knows what, that's it. People can easily become bored of it because of how short it can be. Gen II was an improvement to this because you could explore both the new region AND Kanto. Also, probably Shiny Pokemon. The remakes are better in terms of what you can do, like going to the islands and something to do during the post-game and all that spiel, but something can't really beat the old ones, primarily because they're the first.

...Except for the fact that once the battery is dead you need to replace it or buy a new one altogether.

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