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Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
Party: [Zorua] [Shiro] [Jette]
Currently: Route 2
Sidequest: Stacy's Bet

"Why must all the girls I come across always challenge me? Sigh." Hiiro let out a huge sigh as he face-palmed himself.

Hiiro went forward a little and checked out Shiro for any external damages and not seeing any, he pushed it back a little and stood in front of the Raticate and Butterfree. At his level right now, he'd be beat quite fast, probably in minutes. He was wise not to get into a battle here, as his Pokemon are fairly new and haven't gotten any battle experience as off yet.

"See, just because you let our your Pokemon out of their Pokeball doesn't mean you're not a good trainer or anything. It's called giving them a bit of freedom and fresh air. I'm not a Trainer who keeps his partners inside their capsules all the time, so yeah. Also, I own these Pokemon, by right, you can't even capture them if you wanted to, so I'd say try harder, but I'm not a jerk to woman. You'd have to find some other talking Meowth." Hiiro made sure Raticate and Butterfree didn't make any advances as he stood there like a meat shield in front of his Pokemon.

"If you're going to steal them, I mean that's the only way I see of you getting Shiro, then you'd have to go through me. I'm not going to battle as I am right now. But it's not that easy to put me down!" Hiiro stood still and firm before the Trainer...

Official's Post Event

Stacy rolls her eyes at your speech. Still preparing to battle.


" Ya down with the yapping now, cause Im challenging you to a battle..Unless your Yella." Stacy looks at her two pokemon.
"Dont show this kid a bit of mercy! " The two pokemon nod their heads moving in quickly. Raticate rushes in with qiuck attack knocking Zorua to the ground. Butterfree lets loose a pyswave at the little pidgey. The attack was not meant to end the battle but it was a warning. As your pokemon get to the ground you see Stacy smiling.
"Now, I will have that pokemon! Weather you hand it over or I take from you is up to you kid. "

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