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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Currently: Ghost busting
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril

JC came rushing towards me and started explaining the rest of the plan, it was a bit long but I understood it. "I hope that made sense, Persain can enter the section of trees where Bug is waiting. ''I see... Greed come out,'' Persian came out from his Pokeball, and procced to lick his fur.''Aril, Cage come back.''

''Greed do you see that girl that's lying on the ground? I want you to get her out from there through that web gate.'' Persian's feline agility allowed him to move fast to where Emma was lying down, Pidgeotto was also there ready to take Monferno out. I reached to my pocket to get Rick's Pokeball and threw to the ground in front of me. Gyyyyaaa!

''Just give me the signal and we'll rock him like a hurricane!''
Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

''Just give me the signal and we'll rock him like a hurricane!'' Luis said to me as he gave Greed the Persian his orders. I looked at him oddly for a second, his words made me want laugh. Did he say that line on purpose. A nudge by Tron got me focused again. As I tried to focus I thought to myself that damn song is going to be stuck in my head all day! Curse you Luis ! I snapped out of that mind set quickly. My focus turned to the dark gasses creature who had taken my friends hostage. Its body shaped like something out of a nightmare. In any other place I might have been terrified to see this creature. Even now my hand shook a little at the mere sight of it. I guess there was a driving force pushing the erg to run out my thoughts.
"Ash, were going to get you..." I said under my breath.

The time had finally come, the Dusknoir was now distracted. The Raticate had tuanted it long enough. It was time to confuse it! I looked over to Mud who had been waiting out the battle behind a tree. The blue blob watched my every move, with a curious look on his face. As I shouted out the signal. Which was
I know, i know that isnt much a of single but here we are and that was my choice.

Quag made its way full speed into the trees on the opposite end of Emma and Ash. With a fully body slam the now connected wall of tress shook letting out mighty deep moan. A sound I could only describe as that of a million old souls warning us to stay back. My focus shifted to the Areo who had also taken off. The powerful bird used its wings to be build altitude , once it was over the tree line it began its dive. I couldnt see much of it but I could only image he looked like an old fighter pilot attacking a ship in one of the great wars. With the wood pieces falling all over Areo used its wings to great a mini twister to blind the Dusknoir. He made his way down picking up Ash and carrying her out of tree line. Before I could even speak Luis had made his move Persain in place.

"Okay Luis, lets do it. Once Emma and Ash are safe its time! The mini wind storm should have blinded that thing but we dont have long...Crush it !"

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