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Default Re: The Last Poster Wins! [v3]

Boring. I have no life. ;__; It's 3AM too. This is my every day. ono

Been playing Blue lately. I never had been able to play through Gen I for long, I'd always get bored. Now I'm trying to at least beat it, but I can't even see where I'm going with these graphics. DX Jenn was right, Saffron City is impossible to get through. D':

And my cartridge is really old, and looks damaged pretty bad, so it's very glitchy and makes a Growlithe sound like a drug addict Graveler when it's sent out. xD

Mew glitchy works though, so now I have a low level Mew. :L

I definitely like newer games than older ones. I'm like, the polar opposite of a genwunner. xDD