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Default Re: What You Want to See in the Starters

I do want them to be a single type, but thinking out the box.....

I think it would be cool if Fennekin was Fire/Ghost because of the Japanese myths that speak of fox-like spirits. Ninetails is based off of the same legends, but ghost like-appearances would be an interesting touch on a fox. I really hope that it does not grow more tails though. Vulpix and Ninetails already hold that role. (Kyubi) I would like it to remain quadruped.

I would think Chespin would be Grass/Ground just because of its appearance. x]

Though Froakie appears to have little clouds.. I would NOT want him to be Water/Flying because electricity would just murder it. Maybe Water/Steel or Water/Poison.. Hmmm

I would be the happiest if they just left all of them Fire, Water, and Grass xD
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