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Default Re: What You do NOT want in X and Y

You know, I'm gonna be kinda sad that we won't be able to have a bike (judging that the protagonist was on roller blades...I may be wrong) but I suppose that a new touch is always good.

1. I don't want the seasons (as pretty as they are)

2. No trade evolutions

3. No more desert maps

4.No more pig, rat, everyday-fish, domestic cat, or man-made object based pokemon. (gears, icecream cones, ect) I just think that there are plenty more species of mammal/fish/bird/reptile/amphibian they can base a pokemon off of and I just think that some of the ones I listed are slightly overused. *shot*

5. No more pokemon that takes forever to evolve. (ex. Hydreigon evolving at 64. o-o That's pretty up there especially when you wanna use it earlier in the game)

I do want to see more evolutions from pokemon from every generation though. I think that would be exciting!
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