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Default [Mewtwo Invasion] Appeal thread.

As your plane lands, you feel a lump of nervous energy stuck in the back of your throat. Must've been all of those complementary peanuts you had on the ride over. You hear a deep shoonk sound and a portion of the airplane's wall hit the ground, creating a set of stairs used to exit. You see a long stretch of mushy sand, then a thick forest.

Kyle puts his hand on your shoulder, "Just over there. There's a small clearing within the marsh," he said as you looked to the west. The sun was just setting over the horizon.


Prize: The winner will receive the Mewtwo medallion, $35, and two Vitamins/Items. Second place winner will receive $20 and a free Vitamin. The two non-Finalists will receive $10 and a randomly rolled item valued $25 or less.
Theme: Only Bug, Dark, and Ghost-types with no weakness to Psychic attacks may be used.
Restrictions: No signature moves.
Competitor Limit: You must be signed up here.
Minimum Score: The top 4 Appealers will proceed to the battle Round.
Judges: 3m0d0ll, Dino, and paperfairy.
Time Limit: All Appeals must be posted by February 8th 5 P.M. PST.
Arena: Coastline of Faraway Island:
A sandy marshland with an expansive ocean just out of view. The muggy bog is littered with tall trees, long roots serpentine in and out of the muddy ground. There is a large piece of cinder block sticking out of the mud off to the side, slightly draped with soggy vines. The marsh where your appeals will take place is only a couple inches deep, but getting that slime all over your Pokemon's feet will cause them to slip during their performance.
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