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Default Re: Thornzion vs Shocking! Gym Leader Dino

IT was another day, another gym battle in Dino's intricate Gym. Thornizon dared to challenge the leader on the very delicate home turf, adamant on getting that badge to add to their collection. Dino had other plans though, and wasn't going to give it up without a good fight.

Ability: Tinted Lens
HP: 100% | Energy: 100%

Sleep Powder~Sleep Powder

Glaceon [M]
Ability: Snow Cloak
HP: 100% | Energy: 100%

Ice Beam~Evo Ball

Zana was looking at her opponent thoroughly. She didn't like the looks of the icy blue fox, so decided that she would let him try a taste of hibernation. Collecting a cloud of dust against her wings, green and grey glittered against pale pink as the Venomoth hovered over Skittles. When she returned to her previous position though, Zana was less than impressed. Skittles sat with his cheeks inflated, holding his breath with a smug look on his face as he backed up from the cloud only slightly to avoid the drowsy haze.

Venomoth used Sleep Powder! [Venomoth: -4 ENG, Missed!]
Accuracy rolled a 95 where rolling more than 75 resulted in this action missing the target.

Now, it was Skittles turn, who was more than ready to show this bug who was boss, and why they didn't do well in the cold. Skittles opened his maw, tiny canine teeth outlining a blue glowing orb that exploded into icy bolts, aiming right for Zana with haste. Zana was struck by the frigid energy, shivering as she tried to shake it off. So far, she was looking forward to a summer vacation.

Glaceon used Ice Beam! [Glaceon: -8 ENG | Venomoth: -22 HP]
Critical hit rolled a 5009, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.
Accuracy rolled a 48 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target.
Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 3.

Zana took notice that Skittle's mouth was open, and immediately took that to her advantage. Summoning up the same glittering spores again, she rushed the Glaceon, showering him in green as if it were St. Patrick's day. Skittles tried to back out of the haze, but he inhaled, sneezing and putting his paw to his face, attempting to get the powder out of his nose. Soon his motions became slow, and sluggish, as his vision blurred and soon, sleep overtook his mind.

Venomoth used Sleep Powder! [Venomoth: -4 ENG | Glaceon: SLP]
Accuracy rolled a 2 where rolling more than 75 resulted in this action missing the target.

Skittles lay there on the gym floor, his legs twitching every so often, as if he was imagining chasing poor Zana down the hill as she was trapped in a large, cascading snowball. He smirked in his sleep, amused and entertained, but not as near as pleased as Zana was.

Glaceon is fast asleep!
Sleep Roll was 5565 where any result less than or equal to 3000 resulted in Glaceon waking up.

Ability: Tinted Lens
HP: 78% | Energy: 92%
'How you like hibernation?'

Glaceon [M]
Ability: Snow Cloak
HP: 100 | Energy: 92
SLP for 1 action


Thornzion your moves please.
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