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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Librarian Ky

She lets a cautious smile.
"Some parts of the library are closed off to visitors, but I think I can sneak you by a couple of those spots. "

Ky leads you through the library using her key to open up a door to secure stairway.
"When we get up there please, remember not to touch any of the art. This stuff is kept away from the public because its very valuable and very fragile."

You follow the young librarian through the building. The hidden stair way is covered with beautiful art that has become a little faded . Once you reach the floor aboce you notice the old statues from old exhibits. You notice old books lining the shelves. Ky walks up the shelf pulling one down. She is very careful with it. She flips to specfic page and waves you over.

"This is one of the first articles ever written about the Treecko family. Check it out."
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"Hey, it's your ancestors Treecko!" I carefully take the book out of the mysterious librarian's hands and show Treecko a picture of his species' evolution history.
"Treeck!" Treecko's eyes flashes as he stares at his grandfather's grandfather's picture.
"Thanks! I'm sorry you have to go through all the trouble!" I thank the librarian gratefully.
Suddenly, I lose my balance and fall into the floor, with dust clouds appearing simultaneously.
"Whoa, are you okay?" The librarian stretches her hand out.
I hold her hand and stand back up. Then, I brush all the dust away, revealing a broken bust of a man's face on the floor. I stare at the floor, dumbfounded.
"Gasp! What have you done!" The librarian looks at me in shock.

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