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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!)

Originally Posted by Eliza_Ninja View Post
Character Name: Eliza
Gender: Female
Physical Description (Appearance, Clothes): Brown hair in pony tail. blue and purple T-shirt. Jeans. brown eyes.
Personality: always joking. like a combo of Ash and Misty. kind heart. loves water types!
Pokemon (Up to 4, catch more later if you wish. NO LEGENDS): Vaporeon (found her hurt and lying on the ground. Eliza nursed her back to health and instantly fell in love. now Vaporeon and Eliza are the best of friends!) Squrtle Snivy and Emolga
Inventory: Nunchucks, potions, 2 water stones.
Home Town: Saliera
Starting Location: ??? uh Saliera?
Job(s): Pokemon Trainer
Are You in a Team? (Yes or no): No
Living Family Members: Mom, Dad, little sister, big brother
Other Important People (e.g. girlfriends/boyfriends, good friends): Friends Crystal, a Pokemon breeder, and Cole, an Earth Pokemon trainer, travel with Eliza.
Ambitions:Swimming, singing, and acting.

Psst. This RP is kinda 9 years dead.

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