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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 9: Earth Power (Part 2)

The Lt. Surge's pokemon turned into a roaring sphere of flames as an intense amount of energy blazed from its body, completely destroying the area where Blaine held his gym matches. Following the blast came a clamorous boom that spread throughout the area that mixed with the sounds of the crackling stone that surrounded the cave. The heat from explosion melted the tall stalagmites before pulverizing them into bits while the left wall of the Seafoam cave was blown completely out. The blast sent thousands of rocks into the air until the barrage of them came crashing down, disrupting the peacefulness of the water that bordered the island. A cloud of black smoke covered the sky, giving the area an uncanny aura while it loomed over the piece of land.

Scarlett turned her head to face the explosion, though the brightness nearly blinded her. A few embers came close to singeing the tips of the cape-like fur that flowed gracefully from Entei's back. The wrath of the explosion was closing in on them and at this rate, they would never escape being caught in the blast. "Entei, use Flamethrower to block it!" Hot embers began to dance within its mouth as it jumped high into the air, then it faced the incoming rocks and flames that were approaching them by nimbly shifting its body in the opposite direction, remaining airborne. A red-orange steam of fire was quickly released towards the blast, melting and destroying most of the rocks that were about to hit them. Entei's fire overpowered the flames that were about to incinerate them, and even gave them a small boost to temporarily get out of range from the rest of the explosion.

Once they were a few feet from the entrance of the cave, Sabrina jumped off of the aerial Entei and landed on her feet next to her two pokemon, who were still standing their ground nearby the cave unlike the others. "Now!" the psychic screamed at her creatures while facing the explosion. Her Hypno, Metagross, and Slowking formed a line, then their bodies were soon highlighted in a bright blue light as they used their psychic abilities to contain the madness that the Electrode had caused. Sabrina's eyes began to glow a bright blue as well after she climbed onto the head of her Metagross.

She extended her hands towards the raging blast, then began to push it back the raging flames with her telekinetic powers, assisting her pokemon. The four psychics had created a barrier around the Seafoam Cave, imprisoning the explosion within. A few rocks were able to escape from the barrier, but Scarlett ordered her Entei to smash all of the ones that came close to her colleagues. Once there no more stray rocks, Scarlett told her Entei to join Sabrina's group by using its "Extrasensory attack."

Blue yanked a pokeball from his belt and threw it towards the telekinetic group, releasing his own psychic creature. "Help em Alakazam!" Alakazam obeyed as it lined itself up with the group of Sabrina and Scarlett's pokemon, then began to use Psychic to aid in the barrier's power. The large force-field was a beautiful blue, though the wild flames outlined the inner walls, causing the illumination to be far more brilliant. The vivid colors from Entei's Extrasensory attack gave a lovely addition to the barrier as well. Lt. Surge and his group looked upon this wonder with awe, even to the point when the Lieutenant had to remove his sunglasses in pure disbelief. Blue and Scarlett gazed at the six pokemon lined up together, then at the powerful shield. They admired Sabrina's plan. They felt even more admiration for their own pokemon's contributions to the force-field.

Finally, the explosion began to die down. The group gradually began to power down as the flames and rocks weakened. Lt. Surge scrambled for another pokeball, and commanded his group members to attack while Blue's team was distracted. Thankfully, Blaine noticed this. "Magmar! Use SmokeScreen!" the old Cinnabar gym leader yelled while he threw a pokeball at them. As soon as Magmar materialized in front of them, smoke was fired at the Lieutenant's group, temporarily blinding them. While their accuracy was down, Blaine returned his pokemon, then ran towards Blue, "shouting" his name in a whisper. "Blue, we got to get out of here. From the looks of it, I think they might be planning yet another attack." he whispered frantically. "We must hurry!"

Blue narrowed his eyes, not liking the idea of having to run away, but he reluctantly nodded. "How?" he simply responded, still not facing Blaine.

"By sea. We will dive into the water where they cannot see us, then head for Cinnabar Island! Quickly!" Blaine replied, and ran towards Scarlett to tell her the plan. The blonde looked at the old man in confusion as he approached her. "Do you have any water-type Pokemon?" he asked her.

"Of course. Why?" Scarlett asked while facing her Entei who was still slowly powering down the force-field.

"Quickly summon your pokemon and dive into the water. Head back to Cinnabar. You must remain quiet though." Blaine whispered, then ran back towards Blue.

Blue returned his Alakazam and Nidoking back into their pokeballs, then pulled another ball from his belt. He carefully slipped into the water until it was up to his waist, and opened the pokeball underwater, letting his cerulean serpentine creature materialize underneath the surface of the seemly cool waters, causing the water to light up temporarily. Gyarados's four white fins protruded from the disturbed water, the rest of its body being hidden by the waves. Its trainer climbed onto its neck area and grasped the three-pointed dark blue crest that was upon Gyarados's head. Blaine had caught up to him and climbed on Blue's water pokemon as well.

Meanwhile, Scarlett and Sabrina returned their own pokemon whenever the explosion had calmed, then ran towards the shoreline. The force-field finally dissolved, making a few whistle-like noises as it disappeared. Scarlett pulled a pokeball of her own off of her flowing sash, and did the same as Blue by releasing her creature underwater. Her pokemon's body was hidden by the dark water, but its tail stuck out from the surface, reflecting a few beams of light that peaked through the smoke within the sky with its colorful scales. The tail was covered in shining blue and reddish scales that were outlined with deep black. The appendage slowly sunk into water until only the end of the tail was visible. The tip of this creature's tail contained four larger scales that were also blue and red in color. Its scales appeared to be overlapping each other, making the end of the tail resemble a fan. Brilliant colors from it even reflected off of the surface of the water. Scarlett climbed onto the back of her large sea serpent pokemon, and was soon joined by Sabrina, who sat behind her.

All of the trainers held a deep breath, then Gyarados and Scarlett's newly released pokemon dived deeper into the sea. The water was at a chilling temperature, making most of the trainers feel uncomfortable. Scarlett was able to open her eyes underwater even if it did sting, then directed her creature by gently pulling it in the correct direction. Gyarados was leading the travel under the sea, and it was definitely moving at a fast pace, so the blonde trainer simple motioned for her own pokemon to swim faster in order to keep up it. The trainers were slowly running out of air, but they continued to direct their pokemon towards the western island. Finally, they had made it to Cinnabar Island. Both the serpentine creatures swam up the side of the island, then broke out the surface of the water, causing a large amount of sparkling water to splash around them. All of the humans took in a sharp inhale once they were out the water, being relieved to have air back into their lungs.

"Well..That was fun.." Scarlett panted as she laid against the scales of her pokemon as it swam to Gyarados's side. Blue glanced at the girls, slightly glad that they made it here alright.

Blaine coughed and wrung out his hat. "Let's hurry to the Pokemon center before Lt. Surge catches on." He placed his still soaked hat back unto his bald head, and scanned Scarlett's water pokemon. "What a beautiful Milotic." he said, but before they could have any chat, Blue had ordered his Gyarados to go to the Pokemon Center. The large blue beast lifted itself from the water, and floated towards the medical building located in the middle of the island, in a motion reminiscent to the flight of oriental dragons.

Scarlett smirked as she watched them fly away, knowing that her creature could do the same thing. "Follow them Milotic!" Her colorful sea-serpent pokemon let out a howl-like cry that echoed all around it, then lifted itself into the air and followed Gyarados using similar movements. The two pokemon flew gracefully through the chilly air until they finally reached the Pokemon Center. The trainers hoped that they could get all of their pokemon healed before their unfriendly foes could hinder anymore of their plans.

Meanwhile, the heavy smokescreen finally dissipated, allowing the Lt. Surge to see. He scanned all around to see that only his group remained on the island. He chuckled while he studied the skies just in case they fled by flight, but he saw no one. "I will find you." he whispered. "I will find you.."

Author's note/ Hiya guys! Hope you liked this chapter! Feedback would be lovely because interaction is fun xD What would you like to happen? =o Who knows, I might use your idea! Suggestions on how to improve is always appreciated!
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