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Pokémon: Project Gray

Chapter 9: Earth Power (Part 1)

Lt. Surge let out a maniacal cackle when the sound of the sparks began to die down. Just the sound of his laughter greatly disgusted Sabrina considering that she knew him to be different before this wave of madness, and even another member of the Lieutenant's group felt the same resentment for the seemly muscular man.

Scarlett's fingers trembled whenever the smoke began to dissipate from the chilly air that caused multiple flurries of sand beneath the trainers' feet. Praying that she would not see Blaine's mangled body whenever the gust cleared, she turned her head to face the sea so she would not even have the slightest temptation to peek at the gruesome sight.

Sabrina's face was covered in disappointment after viewing Scarlett's behavior. The uneasy blonde's body language spoke loud enough that people who did not possess psychic abilities could read what was on her mind with maximum ease. Sabrina placed a hand on one of her hips and took a few steps closer to where the previous electric attack had landed. "Look at you!" The psychic let out a gruff sigh, showing her annoyance. "Assuming the worst will not get you anywhere! Stop cowering and look!"

Scarlett felt the bite within her words. She veered her head in the direction where the Cinnabar gym leader once stood, preparing herself for whatever she was about to see.

"Huh..?" She narrowed her eyes when she saw a large amount of purple displaying itself as the smoke cleared. Blue's Nidoking's body was curled up in a defensive maneuver, its scaly armor steadily flashing a yellowish tint as it absorbed any remaining sparks that attempted to get to the humans. A low snarl came from Nidoking while it got to its feet and uncoiled its long powerful tail, revealing its trainer and the stunned Blaine. The beast had shielded the Cinnabar gym leader as soon as its trainer commanded it. Blue was standing in front of Blaine, his eyes full of anger while he gazed upon Lt. Surge. The older yellow-haired man suddenly began laughing again whenever Blue caught his eye, heightening the Viridian gym leader's animosity for him.

Blue stretched out his hand down to Blaine, who was still knelt down on the ground, and pulled him to his feet, then stormed towards Lt. Surge. "You're so dead." he mumbled while motioning for Nidoking to follow.

"Stop it, boy!" Blaine yelled while trying to hold the furious young man back. "If you do something foolish, then they will never leave you alone!" Though the old fire master tried his hardest to get him to reconsider, he knew that his pleas were futile since Blue's expression was not even affected by his words.

"Sludge Wave!" Blue snapped, and just as soon as he yelled his command, his creature's roar thundered throughout the island in a loyal response. In mid-snarl, Nidoking's vast fangs glistened an eerie violet color since steaming acid began to bubble within its powerful jaws. Then, it fired a boiling wave of sludge towards Lt. Surge and his Electabuzz, hoping for the assault to connect. Most of the opposing team was able to move away to avoid direct contact, but to Blue's advantage, the poison attack was slowly sinking into Electabuzz's yellow fur. Surge's pokemon was clearly being affected by the move, which gave Blue amusement for the first time that day.

When Lt. Surge noticed Electabuzz's sluggish movements due to being poisoned, he summoned another one of his pokemon from its ball. This creature resembles an upside down pokeball with a large grin upon its face. "Electrode, use Roll Out!" the man yelled. In response, the ball-like creature rolled at a very rapid speed towards the bipedal monster, whose mouth was still oozing with sludge. The attack was too sudden for Blue to command Nidoking to do counter and before he knew it, the Electrode had already rammed into Nidoking's armored chest. The impact made Blue's beast slide across the ground until it hit one of the outer walls of the stony Seafoam Cave. It let out a small hiss of pain as multiple rocks, that were knocked out of place all around the cave, began to fall on top of it.

Lt. Surge chuckled when he viewed Blue's reaction, and began to conjure another command for his pokemon. Scarlett, who still felt bitterness towards the man, decided to intervene. "Bulldoze!" the groomer yelled over the sounds of the falling rocks. A roar came from her Entei as it jumped high into the air. Then, whenever its powerful paws touched the ground once more, an explosion underneath them affected the ground below, sending shockwaves and tremors throughout the soil.

The aftershock caused most of the trainers and pokemon to lose their footing, but the ones that were the closest were hurt by the attack. Even Scarlett and Blaine had fallen to the ground because of the force of the ground eruption. While the tremors were still occurring, Entei dashed towards Lt. Surge's group, its sharp claws extended and snarling with all of its might. It knocked over everything that was in its path, including pokemon, humans, boulders and small plants.

By the time Entei's attack was complete, Nidoking had recovered and just received a new order from Blue. The familiar boiling substance began to form in the violet beast's jaws, and soon it was fired at the stunned opposing team.

Sabrina gasped, appearing as if she had just seen a ghost or like a cold chill just went up her spine. She let two more of her pokemon out of its ball, and ran towards the entrance of the Seafoam Island at a fast pace. Scarlett watched in bewilderment since she thought that they were winning. "Sabrina! What's wrong?!" she yelled while extending her hand towards the fleeing psychic, but she had already disappeared into the darkness of the cave.

One of the newly released pokemon had a turquoise body of steel and possessed four mechanical arms that branched out from the center point, making it appear to be a metal arachnid. A metallic cross that resembled an "X" was built into its face, separating its two red eyes: a creature that was known to be named, Metagross. The other pokemon appeared to be an evolution of Slowpoke. This regal pokemon was known by the name of, Slowking.

Instead of following Sabrina, it merely crawled next to Sabrina's other pokemon, which was a Hypno. The both remained outside, not even attempting to follow their trainer. Scarlett turned her attention back to Lt. Surge, who was attempting to recover from the attack. Groans of pain were heard while he got back to his feet. His Electabuzz had fainted and another one of the trainers appeared unconscious as well, both covered in dirt and traces of sludge. Electrode was upside down, appearing to be unconscious, and would have rolled away on the uneven terrain if a few broken stones would not have immobilized it.

Blue's lips curled into a smirk, then he eventually began to laugh while facing Lt. Surge. "Awww! What happened?!" the Viridian gym leader mocked. "Have a little accident?"

"Heh." Surge managed to gain his smile again once he heard a few more rocks move away from his recovering Electrode. "You're about to be in one, Blue Oak." The Electrode's round body began to pulse with a bright light and its eyes were clenched shut like it was in pain.

Blue studied the movements of Lt. Surge's pokemon. His jaw dropped in disbelief when he remembered Electrode's most troublesome feature. "You wouldn't let that thing explode here!"

"If it means getting rid of the filth that corrupts this region, then so be it." Lt. Surge stated calmly with a large grin on his face.

His words angered Blue. The Viridian gym leader knew what the Lieutenant had done in the past. He had always been the type of man who would carry out acts of ruthlessness, then say that it was the right thing for everyone afterwards, or cover it up with his military status. He was even apart of Team Rocket at one point...yet, he was the filth? Why was this man so blind; so oblivious to his own actions?

The island was just too small for an explosion from the Lieutenant's Electrode. It would most likely kill them all if they let it self destruct in the open. Blue knew the power of the spherical creature since the pokemon had so many years of training considering it was one of Lt. Surge's first pokemon. Of course, all Electrodes tended to explode in battle or even detonating as a recreational activity among the species, but one so aged must have some advancement in power.

A large group of wild pokemon bolted from the cave, either flying or swiftly running. They were obviously alerted of danger.

One of the members who was with Lt. Surge, was consumed with fear. He summoned one of his own winged pokemon, and fled from the island, not wanting to be caught in the explosion.

"Heh. Coward." Lt. Surge whispered as he and the rest of his colleagues watched him fly away.

Blue gritted his teeth, his eyes clenched tightly while he thought of ways he could escape from such a fate. He could not chance his Pidgeot making the flight back to safety since it was still suffering from the poison that Scarlett's pokemon inflicted on it in their battle that took place the previous day.

Blue cursed himself for not having any antidotes with him. Finally, he opened his eyes and turned his attention to Blaine. Regret was obviously his expression when he solemnly stared at the old man, as if he was trying to ask for forgiveness. Blaine gave him a reassuring smile, and gave him an understanding nod, believing that they must do what they had to.

The young man viewed the Electrode, and winced when its glowing gradually became more rapid, showing that it was getting closer to self-destruct. "Nidoking, knock it into the cave!" Nidoking sprinted towards the pulsating Electrode, then spun around, thrusting its tail towards the electric-typed pokemon. Its powerful tail slammed into the spherical creature which instantly knocked it into the air, sending it straight into the entrance of the Seafoam Cave. The Electrode rolled deep into the cave and landed close to the far left corner of the stony wall. "Now block the entrance!" Blue yelled, hoping that the weight of the rocks and the sturdiness of the cave would shield them from most of the explosion. Nidoking could easily see the frustration in its trainer's voice, so without any hesitation, it began to crash into the cave which caused the entrance to gradually cave in.

"No, wait!" Scarlett screamed. "Sabrina is in there!"

Blue could curse and have an anger tantrum if he wanted to, but there was no time for that. The young gym leader ordered for his pokemon to stop its actions for the time being, but the cave did not cease to crumble. Before the angered Viridian gym leader do anything about it, one of Lt. Surge's colleagues began to attack his Nidoking. "Hurry up and get her!" he shouted at the blonde before he gave his pokemon a new order.

Scarlett sprinted towards her Entei and grabbed its long brown fur, pulling herself onto its back. As soon as she was secure, the legendary beast darted into the cave, pushing through many rocks that were sliding into the entrance. Smaller stones fell on the blonde trainer's head, causing her to cry out in pain and shield her face with her arm, but she only commanded her pokemon to run faster. They ran past the Electrode who was completely engulfed with light now. Sabrina was not in the gym area of the cave, so they sped towards Blaine's living area.

Scarlett was relieved to see Sabrina quickly approaching them within the narrow corridor. The psychic climbed onto Entei as well, holding a large bag tightly to her. Entei circled around and sped down the darkened corridor until they reached the main area of the cave where Electrode was vibrating rapidly. Scarlett felt a tinge of fear whenever a larger boulder had fallen into the entrance of the cave, blocking the way out, however, a smile appeared on her face. "Bulldoze!" she ordered, then shielded her face into Entei's warm fur. "Get down!" she warned Sabrina. She obeyed and buried her face into Scarlett's lower back. The volcanic beast pushed against the ground, hoisting its body into the air like before, and hit the ground with immense force. The tremors spread across the cave floor, causing even more rock slides and splitting a few of the stalagmites completely in two.

The attack assisted Entei in sprinting across the shifting rock floor, raising the volcanic creature's speed as it approached the entrance. Finally, its head collided with the rock, completely pulverizing the enormous stone that barricaded the entryway. Small rocks flew in all directions as the boulder shattered, a few scrapping the girls' skin who were perched upon Entei's back. They were almost free from the cave, but the shockwave from Entei's ground attack had reached Electrode, triggering the explosion that was only a few feet away.

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