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Default Re: The Trading Bazaar

Originally Posted by paperfairy View Post
I just got a Shiny Pokemon of choice from my Coming Clean Achievement... but I don't really want it. So, I'd like people to offer me things and tell me what Pokemon you want... and the best offer will get my shiny pokemon of choice. The only things I'm REALLY looking for are Tyranitar or Excadrill... but keep in mind, I could easily get these on my own.

Let the games begin.
Once he gets out of the current battle, I have a Bouffalant that I wouldn't mind losing. (I love him, but... He just seems a little tiresome to have around. I used to love Bouffalant, but that adoration for the afro has worn off.)

I would like a shiny Magmortar (or any of its prevolutions). In my Black 2 game, I caught myself a Magby and he proved the most valuable member of my team by miles and I would love to have another Magmortar that perhaps could be the most valuable member of my ASBL team, and together I would love them both.