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Default Re: BW Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Pardon the old necro but not quite sure on where to put it.


I got a few friends that just started, and I can't give a decent explanation on why Gliscor with Poison Heal is illegal with Stealth Rock and Roost.

I can give them the facts that Stealth Rock and Roost are 4th Gen TMs while Poison Heal is only introduced in B/W.

I can't answer them however on why this won't work:
Male Gliscor + Stealth Rock and Roost breed with a Female Gliscor with Poison Heal.
The female could pass on Poison Heal to the offspring, but they wouldn't have Roost and Stealth Rock unless the mother had it too. They'd need to be tutored those moves in B2W2. :)
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